33 reasons PageProof is the #1 solution in latest G2 report

PageProof receives an impressive 33 badges in the latest online proofing category G2 report. Users voted PageProof top in the Results, Relationship, and Usability categories for teams and organizations of all sizes – surpassing our competitors. Our unwavering customer satisfaction worldwide reflects our commitment to prioritizing our customers’ needs. At PageProof, customers come first. 💚

PageProof fresh new features: April 2023

Are you looking for ways to enhance creative collaboration? Then you’ll be thrilled with our latest product release. PageProof’s April features include: Mirrored file column support for monday.com, ColorSep® enhancement, new ClickUp integration, and PageProof Academy for proof collections. Feature-rich for the time-poor. 💚

PageProof fresh new features: Feb 2023

Are you looking for ways to speed up your approval process? Then our latest product features will put a smile on your face. PageProof Feb latest product release include: general comments for collections, enhanced monday.com integration, Adobe Illustrator add-on format options & PageProof Academy for HTML proofing. We love making reviewing work feel less like working. 💚

Top 5 digital marketing trends for 2023 you need to know

In the competitive world of digital marketing, it is key to stay ahead of the curve. Therefore, we have collated the biggest digital marketing trends to help you achieve your marketing goals for 2023. Including hot topics such as Tik Tok, ChatGPT, and other Martech and automation options there is something for everyone. Happy planning! ☀️

PageProof’s fresh new features: Jan 2023

Do you comment on, manage, and approve proofs daily? Then our latest product features are sure to make you smile! January’s new features include PageProof X-tools, enhancements to our Asana integration, smart compare mode with a slider tool, and new video proofing controls. Feature-rich for the time-poor 💚

10 brilliant billboard ads that you need to see

Out-of-home advertising has always been the most cost effective way to reach mass audiences and new technologies are making them more engaging than ever. Here are our top 10 billboard ads of 2022 to inspire. They cover hot topics such as 3D, sustainability, healthy-eating, metaverse, and interactivity. 💡

Viral marketing campaigns in 2022 to inspire

While many marketing campaigns go in one ear and out the other, some are marketing gold. Here are our top 10 marketing campaigns of 2022 across a range of channels that went viral. We hope they inspire you to create your next buzz-worthy campaign. 💡

Best in class packaging design that inspired in 2022

Packaging design is one of the most important elements of a product. Each year packaging design is impacted by global trends. Here are our top 10 examples of great packaging designs for 2022. Full of innovative ideas, beautiful illustrations, and inventive typography. 🤩

10 most inspiring design trends to watch out for 2023

Here are our top 10 design trends of 2023. In an ever-changing world, these include trends focused on sustainability in many forms, bold designs, tactile and inclusive designs, smart designs, and those focused on a human touch. Which one will inspire you? 👀

10 best-in-class video campaigns of 2022 to inspire

Video campaigns are one of the most important marketing tools to drive brand awareness. 2022 was no exception. Here are 10 best-in-class of video ads. Filled with innovative ideas, compelling footage and clever brand messaging. 📹

Benefits of accessible design (with best-in-class examples)

Accessible design benefits everyone. But did you know that it’s essential for businesses too? Discover how usability is improved, brands are strengthened, ROI is increased, and the risk of lawsuits is reduced. And be inspired by our favorite accessible design projects for 2022. 💚

Essential tips to create accessible design for everyone

Accessible design considers and benefits all humans. It is therefore essential to understand what is key when designing with accessibility in mind. Typography, alt text, colors, and social media all have clear guidelines to adhere to. There is also an accessibility checklist that makes it easy to ensure your design is accessible. ✅