Dreading updating your website? Tips for simple, smart & secure online proofing.5 minute read

Ongoing updates to your website are crucial for your business and its brand. It’s a way to keep your content fresh, your customers informed on new products and services, and enhance your website’s SEO value.

However, most find the prospect daunting.

Common concerns are around a secure, comprehensive, but simple review and approval process. Find out how PageProof can alleviate these concerns.

Secure workflow

When working on client projects, the standard workflow is to develop the site locally and then deploy it to some sort of private staging server for the client to review. When its finally ready it can be deployed to the live web server.

To allow all stakeholders to have easy and secure access to the staging server, it is common to add a password to the site. Ensuring that no one stumbles on your work in progress.

Once you have navigated the complexity of issuing and maintenance of logins the review process can start.

PageProof’s solution

PageProof takes security very seriously. Our platform has been designed to sit on top of a highly secure and rigorously tested platform. Therefore there is no need to worry about security. Each proof you send out can only be opened and viewed by those reviewers you intended – forwarded links won’t work. Proofs remain in the circle of those you’ve asked for their review and approval.

Smart review

Responsive design means your website (and its pages) can adapt and deliver the best experience to users, whether they’re on their desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. This may also mean that the design and user experience can be different depending on the device you are using.

Therefore when creating or amending your website, you will have to review the design for varying device sizes.

A time-consuming task if you are taking screenshots to review each device size. Even worse, you may find yourself resizing your browser’s window size to kind of match the viewport sizes of smartphones and tablets. This is a quick-and-dirty trick for basic visual testing. But it’s a terribly inaccurate portrayal of the mobile device experience, as well as taking up a lot of time.

PageProof’s solution

PageProof allows you to easily change your viewport to easily see the content respond to desktop, tablet and mobile device views. It eliminates the need to have a range of devices at reviewers’ fingertips to check responsiveness.

Reviewers can switch the viewport at the bottom of the proofing screen to check different device sizes.

Best of all, when you use your red pen to add comments to the proof each comment captures the device size, browser and scroll position. Not only does this ensure feedback is given accurately and efficiently, but web developers and content managers have all the information they need to quickly address change requests.

Each comment gives the perfect brief of changes.

Simple workflows

Collating and reviewing feedback is made confusing, frustrating and time-consuming when you rely on attaching a PDF into an email, pasting screenshots into a Word document, or putting a file into a shared space to ask your colleagues and clients for feedback.

PageProof’s solution

Online proofing is made simple with PageProof. Eliminating the game of emails, feedback, and approvals mean you can efficiently review and approve your website content, and track whether the changes have been made. The benefits are endless but notably include:

  • Huge timesaving – feedback is streamlined with reviewers all commenting on the same proof, at the same time
  • Cost savings in courier costs and speed – comments are captured online, on one file version at a time. Reviewers receive the proof immediately with no wait.
  • Printing costs are eliminated, clarity gained – digital files are now routed. No more hard-copies with illegible mark-ups.
  • Costly mistakes are reduced – everything is clearly tracked, who asked for what changes, what was done versus not.
  • Turnaround times are quicker – designers and web developers work from a clear, single to-do list
PageProof gives you and your reviewers the clarity and efficiency you need when it comes to reviewing websites and other HTML content.

In summary

Even though website changes may seem daunting at first, they can be made simple, smart, and secure using PageProof. If you’d like to see a demo, choose a time below: