Tools to localize marketing content to make an impact

White speech bubbles in Japanese and English. Localize marketing content is more than translation.

Globalization has been a trending phenomenon for well over two decades. However, the effects of the ongoing pandemic mean there has been a shift to localize marketing content to overcome the challenges of trading internationally.

The shift has been a focus on domestic manufacturing and expansion efforts. It involves the entire process of adapting a product or content to a specific location or market

Localization is the process of adapting products, services, and content to appeal to local users.

Let’s explore what this means for your marketing content.

What does it mean to localize marketing content?

Localization of your marketing is the process of adapting content to appeal to local users. Localization, therefore, acts as a form of personalization for users, providing them with content that is tailored to their specific needs.

For many companies, this means focusing on translating content so that audiences in different countries can understand exactly what was said.

Translation is the process of converting text from one language to another. This includes the spelling as well as the meaning of words. Translation is just one aspect of localization.

To ensure marketing content is localized completely you need to check that each element is locally correct, as well as culturally appropriate. These checks may include:

  • spelling and meaning of words
  • images, symbols, and hand gestures
  • color sensitivities
  • product or service name translation
  • gender roles
  • geographic references

In short, localization gives something the ‘look and feel’ expected by the target audience. It drives personalization for users, providing them with content that is tailored to their specific needs.

Benefits of localization

Focusing on local production and distribution should result in cost savings, as well as environmental benefits. However, there are more intangible benefits that you can capture by localizing content.

Let diversity thrive

Involving members from different teams or regions in your creative workflow will result in a wider range of ideas being brought to the table. Therefore, implementing a process where language, location, or function is not a barrier, will allow diversity to thrive.

Nurturing collaboration

For phenomenal ideas to thrive, it is important that your workforce feels unified and integrated. Simply by asking someone for their feedback and approval will help drive the feeling of inclusion.

Tools to localize marketing content

Translation tools

There is a range of software tools that can help organizations translate content more efficiently. Although this is only a step to achieving localized content. Some key players in the translation software market worth checking out are:

Invite the right people

The most critical resource for getting localization efforts right, are the people you involve. Localization needs to be done by someone who understands the language and culture.

We love the story behind KitKat turning its brand around in Japan. Consumer research found that KitKat’s student target market did not connect with their iconic “Have a break” tag. However, the local team got wind of a different story. A trend of gifting KitKat bars before exam times had erupted in southern Japan. The local team believed that this was due to the word “KitKat” sounding like the Japanese phrase “kitto katsu” (“you will overcome”).

In response, a new campaign was created capitalizing on this student craze by putting the phrase “Kitti Sakura Saku yo!” (“wishes come true”) in their Japanese adverts and a promotional campaign. The rest is history.

PageProof for unlimited collaboration

With PageProof, it is ingeniously simple to empower your marketing teams. It’s a way to give everyone in your team a voice. There are no limits – unlimited proofs, versions, reviewers, and even data storage too. Customers who collaborate with teams worldwide will love that PageProof is available in nine languages too.

We make it simple for people to share and involve as many reviewers as possible and consider their diverse thinking and unique perspectives – regardless of their location. We believe this will nurture and enlighten creativity – strengthening your brand outputs. Opinions matter, especially when it comes to reviewing and approving localized content.

Companies have benefited from globalization over the years, but we have entered a period where organizations are focusing on appealing to smaller, local markets. As companies seek to maximize their potential in this period, having access to the right tools can be crucial. 

Collaboration tools encourage involving a wider team to localize your marketing content. Sharing new ideas and perspectives with no barriers allows you to tap into your team’s unlimited potential.

NOTE: This article was updated in September 2022 with a new language available for our UI.