Top 10 Christmas design & marketing round-up of 2021

Top 10 Christmas design & marketing round-up of 2021.

At this much loved (and highly contested) time of year, brands from around the world have been ramping up the festive cheer with their Christmas campaigns.

Here, we round up our favorite holiday campaigns from 2021.

1. Chanel installation at Harrods

With the Christmas season just around the corner, Chanel is rounding off a year jam-packed with celebrations for the 100-year anniversary of its Nº5 scent with a giant installation at Harrods’ Door 5, London, UK 💚.

Standing at an impressive height of 15.5 meters and width of 16 meters, the installation follows the simple, geometric lines of the iconic bottle and facetted stopper. In addition to the installation, there are 16 festive dressed windows showcasing a ‘Finding N°5’ treasure hunt with prizes to be won. Simply magic 💫.

Just a wonderful way to round off 2021, which has seen numerous retail and marketing campaigns worldwide pay homage to the fragrance’s 100 years in business 👏👏👏.

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Chanel Nº5 wows with a giant festive installation at Harrods

2. John Lewis OOH teaser campaign

We love the OOH installations John Lewis created in the lead-up to their Christmas campaign 💚.

Featuring an apparently crashed spacecraft and a sign saying “Christmas is landing 04/11/21 #UnexpectedGuest”, it had the public speculating on what this year’s John Lewis advert would bring.

The TVC that followed tugs on your heartstrings. The creative is rooted in the idea that this year’s Christmas is as special as your first after last year’s Christmas lockdown. A heartwarming narrative where a ‘stranger’ from another world is introduced to Christmas by a young boy. The highlight is the soundtrack to the advert. Lola Young, a 20-year-old singer-songwriter from South London, performs the track ‘Together in Electric Dreams’ originally released by Philip Oakey and Giorgio Moroder in 1984.

As a first for John Lewis this year, loyalty members will have exclusive access to a virtual experience of the advert on the app and website.

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John Lewis lands Christmas campaign with installation

3. Aldi Ad & supporting campaign – Christmas Carrots

We love how Aldi UK has captured the spirit of Christmas with this hilarious ad 💚.

‘A Christmas carrot’ is a story to discover the spirit of Christmas. A twist on last year’s campaign, the star of the show is Ebanana Scrooge but he is reminded of the joys of the festive season by Kevin the Carrot. But did you notice Cuthbert the Caterpillar getting arrested at the start? 😂 A dig at M&S who took legal action against them over copyright claims of Colin the Caterpillar.

A brilliantly executed marketing campaign – with 6.8million views on Twitter alone it’s the talk of the town and clearly wins the Christmas advert war 🙌.

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Aldi wins the Christmas advert war with 6.8 million views

4. German premium Advent Calendar

We love this advent calendar designed by Offsetdruckerei Schwarzach GmbH for its elegance 💚.

Putting a new twist onto the much-loved tradition, the calendar in the shape of a snow-covered tree is made entirely out of cardboard. There is a handle at the center, which, when pulled releases a chocolate ball from the opening. Another gorgeous attention to detail is the rotary knob above the handle that displays the date.

Amazing detailed filigree hot-foil motif, which is additionally embossed on the sides together with the structured handle provides an exciting visual and haptic effect against the dark green background of the tree 🎄.

The jury of the Deutsches Verpackungs Institut loved it too and has selected the calendar for an award in the functionality and convenience category for 2021 🌟

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Advent calendar stunning design wins packaging award

5. Lush cosmetics merry and bright Christmas packaging

We think this gift box by Lush is an absolute standout this Christmas 🎄

The box is illustrated in psychedelic colors based on Lush’s popular Snow Fairy products. Best of all the packaging is 100% recycled and reusable, and the ribbon is also made from recycled drink bottles. The box is a reusable hat box-shaped gift box.

Sure to bring joy this Christmas 🎅🏽.

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Lush’s bright, merry and sustainable Christmas packaging

6. BMOs Christmas wrapping

We love this initiative by BMO to support women-owned businesses by creating custom recyclable gift wrap that doubles as ad space 💚.

’Wrap the Good’ supports Canadian female business owners who have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic.

The colorful wrapping designed by FCB_Canada is printed with dozens of gift ideas complete with a QR code that when scanned lets shoppers discover holiday gift ideas that support small business discovery. The QR codes take users to BMO’s Pinterest board that houses hundreds of shoppable products from qualifying businesses such as Blume, Remix Snacks, and Mme L’Ovary. 🎁

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Wrapping paper is ad space for women-owned businesses

7. Morrison’s Farmer Christmas ad

We love this commercial by Morrisons that introduces its very own Farmer Christmas 💚.

Morrisons has chosen to hero farmers, who are its main customers, in its advert as a way of thanking them for all the work they do to help make Christmas so special. The 60-second spot tells a tale about Farmer Christmas who works “all year too” in order to deliver a delicious Christmas feast to tables all over the country 🎅🏽.

The festive ad also shines the spotlight on the supermarket’s colleagues – many of whom feature in the advert – and showcase the food makers in its stores and manufacturing sites who enable the store to ​​make more than half the fresh food it sells. We think it’s humbling, authentic, and feels a little more heartfelt than other contenders 🌟.

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Morrisons’ heartfelt Christmas ad thanks British farmers

8. Argo’s digital Christmas campaign

We think the Christmas campaign by Argos is jubilant!

With a barrage of festive cheer, a 60-second advert kicks off a multi-media Christmas campaign. The commercial is filled with energy from an office worker emblazoned in over-the-top holiday decorations to a woman blow-torching her Christmas pudding. We love the elements of retro, complete with kids circling toys in the Argos catalog and urging us to ‘go big’ this Christmas.

The digital implementation uses short, platform-specific edits of the ad; sees partnerships with influencers to evoke the real spirit of Christmas; implements data-driven creative to help customers find the products they are searching for.

But it wins our vote mainly for the best campaign strapline – ‘Baubles to last year!’

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Argos digital campaign says ‘Bauble to last year

9. Miller Beernaments

We love Miller‘s quirky take on Christmas that some call the “Christmas miracle” 💚.

They have launched ‘Beernaments’. A unique ornament that fits an 8oz can of pilsner. So once you finish drinking the beer, you can remove the can and hang the ornament on your tree. Packs of 6 come in a box decorated in a simple, holiday-inspired design.

The brand collaborated with actor and comedian Jimmy O. Yang to spread the word about the festive drinks through a video with quirky lines such as, “My tree is better than your tree, because, now, it has beers on it.” 🎄

‘Beernaments’ are sure to lift the holiday spirit for pilsner lovers.

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Christmas packaging sure to get you in the festive spirit

10. Enchroma’s inclusive Christmas campaign

We love @Enchroma‘s OOH Christmas campaign that shows us that not everyone sees the world the same 💚.

Raising awareness of how people with color vision deficiency (CVD) may experience Christmas advertising (and that their glasses remedy this problem), the concept to run the OOH campaign in the London underground stations arose from the fact that someone who was color blind would struggle to read the tube map.

We think the gift of color is pure magic 🌟

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Enchroma’s Christmas campaign gives the gift of color

Which one’s your favorite? Message us on social media and let us know if we’ve missed your best Christmas advert 2021 out!