Canva’s hidden gems

Designers and marketers #shineon 💎

The design startup rocketship that is Canva sees 13 designs created per second on their platform.  From designers and marketers, through to startup entrepreneurs and blogging mums, everyone is loving the ease and speed of knocking up on-brand social media posts, posters, charts, presentations and more.

Although already incredibly simple and intuitive, we know everyone loves a good hidden gem or two, so here are our tips to shine like a pro – your colleagues will be asking when you found the time to earn your design degree outside of your day job!

The perfect colour palette

Canva_Color_Palette - Drag and drop photo to the generator - get colors from photos

If you’re creating a design based around a hero image, upload your image here  – boom, an instant color palette to use.

Moving text, icons, imagery

If objects aren’t quite in the right place and you’re tweaking by eye, select the object with your mouse, then use the up and down arrow keys to bump it ‘a smidge’ (1px). Holding the shift key down whilst you do this will bump it ‘a tad’ (10px to be precise).

Perfect font combinations

Branch out from using a single font in your artwork and explore fonts that work beautifully together, especially useful when you are creating a copy-heavy design. Try it out here.

Selecting that pesky object sitting behind the other

Avoid the effort of adjusting an object’s position backward when you want to select the object that’s sitting behind the other one: command + click will select the object behind. 

Avoid badly resized, pixelated social media posts

Canva_Design_Size_Guide - social media, document, paper - Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter
You’ll want to bookmark this

For all marketers out there responsible for social media – this really is the best list we’ve found that details the perfect design size for each social media type: from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, through to Pinterest, Twitch, Google+ and more. You’ll also find a list of perfect collateral sizes too.

[bctt tweet=”Perfect design sizes for each social media type:”]

Enjoy and #shineon.