10 most inspiring design trends to watch out for 2023

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Want to know what packaging design trends will be big in 2023? Discover 1️⃣0️⃣ trends and ideas that we are excited about in the year ahead.

PACKAGING DESIGN TREND #1– The rise of the can

Cans packaging offers designers not only greater sustainability, but also novelty and differentiation. 🤩

Cans can be diverse in both form and function, giving brands an exciting, stand-out edge on the shelf. This trend will extend beyond the familiar canned beverage segment and will see its use in a variety of industries.

We would love to see premium packaging for canned products and more sophisticated can graphic designs in the future. 🥫

PACKAGING DESIGN TREND #2 – Packaging as the product

Today, it is essential that product packaging goes beyond sustainability to become an integral part of the product itself. The best of these designs blend appearance and function in order to better achieve sustainability.

We look forward to seeing more packaging in the future that is both aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. Therefore, encouraging consumer to retain and reuse it. Regardless the focus on being environmentally conscious and reducing waste remains key. ♻️

PACKAGING DESIGN TREND #3 – Consumer-driven sustainability

To reduce packaging waste, more brands are expected to communicate to consumers what they can do to help complete an environmental-friendly cycle of their product. Brands are incorporating clear recycling guidelines into their packaging designs, which helps educate as well as put some of the responsibility back on consumers.

In the future, consumers are undoubtedly the key drivers of the second life of packaging. By involving consumers in their packaging journey, it helps them take responsibility for the environment and builds loyalty with the brand through the shared responsibility of reducing the impact of climate change. ☀️

PACKAGING DESIGN TREND #4 – Hyper bold visuals

Consumer shopping is still being influenced by the post-pandemic, and the need for a “WOW” factor both online, in-store, and even 3D is stronger. As a result, more and more brands are focusing on bold colors, fonts, and graphics that showcase their DNA and stand out from the competition.

In the future, strong colors, pattern, and typography in packaging designs will continue. However, the complexity in designs will eventually reach saturation. A monochrome or muted color palette can also create eye-catching designs. 🎨

We expect to see more simple but bold packaging designs in 2023! 😍

PACKAGING DESIGN TREND #5 – Super premium glass

More and more brands are turning to glass packaging, not only for sustainability but to add a touch of premium flair. Many soft drink brands are turning to custom, intricate glass bottles with superb detailing and decoration. In the future, custom glass bottles have unprecedented design possibilities and are unique, multi-dimensional artwork that can make your brand truly stand out. 🌟

In addition to seeing more stunning glass designs, we also expect more brands to use recycled glass to increase sustainability. The combination of these focuses is expected to build customer loyalty. ♻️

PACKAGING DESIGN TREND #6 – Accessible and inclusive design

Accessible and inclusive design is becoming increasingly popular, and they are already a must-have element in the design of many brands. We think that packaging which takes into account a wide range of consumers enhances the brand image.

This trend will continue to grow as the understanding of audience needs evolves. For example, adding a sense of fun to accessible and inclusive design might make brands perceived as more empathetic by their audience. 🤝

We look forward to seeing more diverse and interesting solutions in the area of accessibility and inclusion in the future. 🤩

PACKAGING DESIGN TREND #7 – Tactile details

Adding intricate tactile detail to packaging design can add another dimension to a brand beyond the visual.
The texture that comes with tactile design enhances the sensory experience for the audience, which in turn attracts more consumers and brings a high level of quality to the brand.

We look forward to seeing not only more unique and creative tactile designs in the future in conjunction with the rising popularity of accessible and inclusive packaging design – leading to sensory diversity. 💚

PACKAGING DESIGN TREND #8 – Next-level smart packaging

In a bid to connect with consumers in new and interesting ways, smart packaging is on the rise. This allows consumers to engage more closely with brands by communicating product and brand information through interactive package design. As technology and social media continue to evolve, we expect to see brands looking for new creative ways to connect with consumers in the future – beyond the display of information on the package. ℹ️

Better yet, smart packaging can be made more meaningful by bringing consumers’ attention to the sustainability story behind the product through the packaging. ♻️

PACKAGING DESIGN TREND #9 – Size matters – packaging on diet

With the rising concern about environmental issues, more and more brands are focused on minimizing packaging and their carbon footprint whilst maintaining product appeal and functionality. This relatively simple approach to sustainability creates an opportunity to rethink packaging structures. This trend is expected to continue over the long term because it is not only cost-effective for brands but also allows brands to connect with audiences who are ever-increasingly environmentally conscious. ♻️

We expect this trend to be integrated with the smart packaging solutions trend in the future, where detailed product information can be communicated through technology instead of using ever-decreasing packaging space. For example, QR codes can be used to cover the information while the rest of the packaging material can focus on enhancing the details. 🤩


Hand-drawn illustrations or handwritten notes that evoke a sense of personalization and an immediate connection to the brand, are on the rise in packaging design.

We all found ourselves absent-mindedly doodling in childhood. It is a visual expression of connecting feelings with memories. Including doodles in packaging design adds a human feel and effectively communicates the brand message.

In the future, we expect to see more creative and unique hand-drawn or doodle packaging designs to balance the growing number of analog designs.

Some of the trends are a reflection of an ever-changing world, whilst others are an evolution of trends picked for 2022. The world and its trends will continue to evolve. Inspiration is all around us. We hope this has provided inspiration for your designs for the year ahead.

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