AGDA: recognizing the pinnacle of design1 minute read

Lovers of good design will be familiar with the Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA). Founded in 1988, it is renowned for being Australiaโ€™s largest community of professional designers. 

The AGDA Design Awards recognize the best work in Australasia across a wide range of creative disciplines every year.

Here at PageProof, we are passionate about good design. This is showcased by UI in-app, as well as our digital marketing activity. At the core of our business, we want to support our customers in creating outstanding work effortlessly.

PageProof was honored to be named as a finalist in two Digital Design categories in the AGDA Design Awards 2015 โ€“ for our Application and Marketing Site.

To this day, we continually evolve both.

But we believe we can do more than providing a better process to review and approve work. Itโ€™s a way to give everyone in your team a voice, harnessing the brilliant diversity of thought within your organization, and strengthening every piece of work you create.