PageProof: finalist for digital design in AGDA Design Awards

Lovers of good design will be familiar with the Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA). Founded in 1988, it is renowned for being Australia’s largest community of professional designers. 

The AGDA Design Awards recognize the best work in Australasia across a wide range of creative disciplines every year.

PageProof a finalist in 2015 AGDA Awards

Here at PageProof, we are passionate about good design. This is showcased by UI in-app, as well as our digital marketing activity. At the core of our business, we want to support our customers in creating outstanding work effortlessly.

PageProof was honored to be named as a finalist in two Digital Design categories in the AGDA Design Awards 2015 – for our Application and Marketing Site.

PageProof’s marketing site a contender for digital design award

In 2015, PageProof’s marketing site comprised of simple imagery with supporting text to explain how online proofing worked with PagePoof, key features such as the simplicity to drag and drop a file to begin the proofing process, highlighted the triple threat security that PageProof offers, and a page with learn articles to explore.

PageProof’s application reached final stages best design

We are proud that PageProof’s online proofing app has been designed to be simple to use yet packed with powerful features from the beginning.

PageProof’s user interface includes an easy-to-use dashboard and proof setup screen. Creating workflows is simple. An intuitive interface means that internal processes can be mirrored helping you maintain marketing compliance. On the proofing screen, it is ingeniously simple to leave comments on a range of file types using the red pen.

To this day, we continually evolve both.

But we believe we can do more than provide a better process to review and approve work. It’s a way to give everyone in your team a voice, harnessing the brilliant diversity of thought within your organization, and strengthening every piece of work you create.