How design is saving the world

Monday 22 April is Earth Day, a time for us all to act for meaningful change to protect the planet. 

Some people march, sign petitions, pledge, announce sustainability measures, clean up beaches and towns, and even plant trees. But what can you do? Consider design to help protect the Earth. We ‘hat-tip’ these amazing companies for their award-winning creative solutions that is contributing to the wellbeing of our planet and its inhabitants: 


Image: KarTent

In the Netherlands alone, 25,000 tents are discarded as trash after festivals every year. That’s 1 in 4 people who leave their tent behind! The  is a 100% recyclable cardboard tent, designed for two people, and water resistant. They even deliver the tent to the festival, so no more lugging your own tent – just bring your toothbrush in your pocket!


Image: Allbirds

Whichever style is your style, all shoes are unbelievably comfortable and thoughtful about the impact shoe-making has on our planet. One recycled plastic bottle makes a pair of laces. Sugar cane is transformed into a shoe sole. And, the use of merino wool results in 60% less energy used in the making process compared with typical synthetic shoes.

From better materials right through to better factories and shipping methods, Allbirds is an eco-friendly footwear company that’s attracted support from environmentally conscious consumers, including Leonardo diCaprio. And this Earth Day they have just announced that are going 100% carbon neutral this year.


Image: Graviky Labs

AIR-INK by  Labs is the first ink made entirely from air pollution and repurposed into art. Pollutants which could have ended in the lungs of millions of people or mixed into our water or streams are now beautifully resting in art forms for everyone to enjoy. 1.6 trillion of air has been cleaned so far helping to combat growing levels of air pollution worldwide.


Image: Lego Group

Recognizing the impact plastic is having on the world, the Lego Group has begun production on a range of sustainable plant-based plastic sourced from sugar cane. Which pieces to focus on first? The trees, leaves, and bushes of course. This is the first step towards their ambitious goal of making all LEGO bricks using sustainable materials by 2030.

Bizongo tray

Image: Bizongo

India uses over 800,000 plastic meal trays per year with 99% of them ending in landfill. With a plastic ban gradually being enforced in the various states, designed India’s first bio-degradable spill-proof meal tray – simultaneously solving storage and transport of Indian cuisine, and tackling recycling.

Petal paint

Image: JAT Holdings

Giving flowers a second life, pigments from the dried flowers of temple offerings is transformed into liquid paint using innovation from paint company JAT Holdings. Known as Petal Paint, this bright colored paint comes in 5 shades and is donated to artists restoring sacred temples in Sri Lanka (with perfect paint names as well: Lotus RedPigeonwing Blue, Trumpet Yellow, Marigold Orange and Temple Flower White.)

These are just six innovative companies doing their part for our planet. There are many more we’d love to share with you so you can expect more posts on ‘design-for-good’.

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