How to Tango with a Tiger

A marketer’s guide to working with creative communications agencies

Writer Sarah Ritchie has followed up her successful How to Wrestle an Octopus (acclaimed by industry experts as the most comprehensive guide for agency account managers of all levels) with How to Tango a Tiger, a guide for marketers working with their agencies.

Ritchie’s latest book focuses on how to build a productive and enduring client-agency relationship and ultimately helps you get the best success in this creative partnership.

How to Tango with a Tiger: A a guide for marketers working with their agencies.

Jam-packed with insights, recommendations, briefing templates and how-to guides, it covers everything from running competitions, negotiating retainers, viral marketing campaigns and making use of emerging technologies. Over 500 pages of tips, tricks and know-how for anyone in marketing, this book is a worthy addition to your workspace and plays a vital role in ensuring your relationship with your agency is a successful one.

We love seeing that proofing has its own chapter…Here’s a short excerpt:

“Have you ever received a pdf proof and then had to pass the pdf around to your colleagues for their input and approval? Who collated all the feedback? How easy was it to interpret the requests? How did you make sure that you caught all the changes?

Have you ever had a job that bounced back and forth, and by revision #8 you were not sure who requested each alteration or if you were even looking at the most recent set of change requests?

Fortunately, there is a soft proofing solution that every agency, every Account Manager, and every marketer should be using. PageProof will save you time and frustration and help eliminate proofing errors.

Ritchie goes on to say:

PageProof is a must-have for the smallest design job, right through to the most complex campaign.

Sarah Ritchie – from her latest book How to Tango a Tiger

About the author

Sarah Ritchie is the Founder of (a website designed to enthuse, empower, and educate agency account managers across the creative communications industry (advertising, design, PR, experiential, media, and print) and across the globe), a Business and Recruitment Consultant, and the author of ‘How to Wrestle an Octopus: an agency account manager’s guide to pretty much everything’. Sarah has been immersed in the advertising and design world for over 25 years, including ten years as the Director of a successful design business. She has been a tertiary design teacher; a Business Mentor; and has had a long tenure in advertising and design account management. These days Sarah focuses on agency growth.