Peace of mind with local Microsoft data centers2 minute read

In May 2020 Microsoft declared its intention to bring its first local data center to New Zealand. If approved, Microsoft will be able to add a new region to its existing 59 regions worldwide.

This is a major milestone in delivering enterprise-grade cloud services to New Zealand. The new region will also deliver local access to cloud services including Microsoft Azure, as well as Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and Power Platform, and meet their data hosting, security, and compliance requirements.

Benefits of local data centers

Businesses and organizations have become increasingly concerned about the geographic location of their data. This is because the physical location of a data center impacts speed and latency, as does the data protection laws in which it resides.

Regional data centers reassure businesses that any data created and managed in the platform stays local. Microsoft will not disclose customer data in the Microsoft Cloud to a government or law enforcement agency except as directed to do so, or where required by law. This is known as data sovereignty.

For enterprise customers, local data centres mean that they can easily demonstrate regulatory and legal compliance.

PageProof data storage

PageProof is partnered with Microsoft and sits on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Microsoft Azure leads the cloud computing industry in ISO certifications. This standard helps organizations keep information assets secure.

PageProof automatically stores customer data at one of fourteen Microsoft data centers. The enterprise plan allows you to nominate your data storage location – ensuring your data resides where you have chosen, and not scattered over multiple regions.

Nominating your data sovereignty brings the following benefits for PageProof customers:

  • the laws that protect your data align with your chosen data region
  • increased speed and reduced latency for your users

A New Zealand-based Microsoft data center is an exciting announcement for New Zealand PageProof customers.