PageProof voted tops in G2’s latest report

Mountain range with the highest peak with PageProof logo at the summit. Top performer.

We are excited to share that PageProof has been voted top performer in the G2 Spring 2021 online proofing category report. PageProof was again awarded a staggering 4.9 out of 5 stars, outperforming when compared to other software products in this category. It comes as no surprise then that we are a High Performer.

In addition, PageProof was named Momentum Leader reflecting that we don’t believe in standing still – always at the forefront of innovation. We believe there is always a better way with our customers always top of mind.

A big thank you to our users who have provided reviews – it is fantastic to have so many happy customers behind us 🙌

Let’s take a quick look at why we have scored so highly:

We put our customers first

PageProof puts our customers first every step of the way. From initial contact to in-app communication – we aim to delight. Software buyers can compare products in the G2 Online Proofing category according to their Relationship scores. We are proud to have been awarded 2 out of 3 badges for this category.

Voted: Best support

We pride ourselves on our customer support. Therefore, it is an honor to be voted as the product with the Highest Quality of Support with a near-perfect score of 99%. Meaning our users recognize our personal touch with every customer interaction – no ifs, buts, or bots.

Voted: Easiest to do business with

We are so proud of our Ease of doing business with score. The 99% reflects that we make sure you are dealing with more humans, less bots.

We help you get your best results

We evolve the proofing category by continually creating new, innovative solutions to help you get your best results. But it doesn’t stop there. With PageProof, our mantra of “no limits” for users, proofs, and storage means there are no restrictions for teams collaborating and giving feedback on creative work every day.

Software buyers can compare products in the G2 Online Proofing category according to their Results scores. Find out how PageProof scored below.

Voted: Users most likely to recommend

It is an honor to again be named the online proofing platform that Users most Likely to Recommend. This badge is a reflection of being awarded the highest likelihood to recommend score of 98% versus the category average of 90%.

High score: Estimated return on investment

We are proud that users find they can recoup their investment in a short 4.3 months with PageProof. Best of all, this is half the time of the category average.

Just as compelling is that the time to go live is 41% quicker than the online proofing category average. Showcasing that PageProof sweats the small stuff for you.

Ingeniously simple to use

PageProof provides a powerful, smart platform that removes the headache from your review process. Software buyers can compare products in the G2 online proofing category according to their Usability scores to determine which products are the simplest to use. With near-perfect scores in all categories, PageProof is first-in-class.

G2 review

High Score: Best meets requirements

We are continually striving to find a better way, by developing features and integrations that you have been dreaming of. Therefore, we are thrilled that PageProof has been awarded a score of 96% for Best meets requirements (vs category average of 91%).

High Score: Easiest to use

We love that users have given PageProof a high score of 96% (vs category average of 91%) in the Easiest to Use category. PageProof creates features that are powerful tools, but ingeniously simple to use. We believe that an online proofing tool should allow you to deliver your best work, quickly and easily.

High Score: Easiest admin

Administration of software should not be a headache. Therefore, we are thrilled that PageProof has been awarded a score of 97% vs the category average of 89% for Ease of admin. As we say “make reviewing work feel less like work.”

We make it easy to get started

We strive to make things simple. This starts with the implementation of the platform. The G2 Implementation score allows potential buyers to compare products in the Online Proofing category, according to the speed of implementation, ease of setup, and highest user adoption.

High Score: Easiest set up

We love that PageProof has been given a score of 96% Ease of setup showcasing that we provide a simple solution that aims to delight. Most convincing of all is that this easily beats the category average of 88%.

High Score: Fastest implementation

We love that customers enjoyed a speedy implementation of PageProof. Customers found that it takes half the time to implement PageProof versus the category average. Reflecting that our fantastic in-house customer success team helps make things simple.

PageProof makes reviewing and approving work feel effortless, meaning better feedback will result 💚

We are thrilled to have been given such positive reviews from our users. Best of all, this reinforces that customers enjoy a number of benefits of using our ingeniously simple, but powerful solution that turns what was once a headache into an easy and welcome part of every day.