PageProof launches groundbreaking online proofing feature

Press release: PageProof launches new feature for online proofing category - PageProof X-Tools

Press release 8th December 2022

Market leader in online proofing launches a world-first feature that extends the proofing experience.

Auckland, New Zealand – 8th December 2022 – PageProof, the industry-leading online proofing platform for agencies and marketing teams, today released a world-first feature, PageProof X-Tools. PageProof X-Tools extend and enhance the proofing experience for reviewers by letting proof owners add additional tools to the proofing screen – even a customized tool for their own organization.

“We are incredibly excited about the launch of PageProof X-Tools. It is a perfect example of how PageProof continually seeks new solutions that push the online proofing category to the next frontier.” says Gemma Hurst, CEO of PageProof.

PageProof X-Tools can be accessed with a click of a button in the proofing screen. For flexibility, these tools can be added on a proof-by-proof basis, meaning you can select which additional tools you’d like your reviewers to use for each proof. These custom tools mean reviewers do not need to leave their proofing screen to calculate a sum total, check a unit conversion, or calendar date, for example. Increasing the speed of the review and approval process.

PageProof X-Tools launch tools:

  • Unit converter tool. The unit converter tool is useful when you want to change Celsius to Fahrenheit, pounds to grams etc.
  • Calculator tool. The calculator tool will come in handy if you need to check any calculations on the proof.
  • Calendar tool. The calendar tool helps reviewers ensure that the date, day of the week, etc. detailed on a proof is correct.

“A PageProof X-Tool is simple to add to a proof and will add real value throughout the review and approval process as well as escalate your proofing productivity,” says Marcus Radich, CTO of PageProof. “And the opportunities are endless. Watch this space.”

Benefits of PageProof X-Tools

  • Increase the speed of review and approval
  • Flexible proofing tools customized on a proof-by-proof basis
  • Expert tools to ensure accuracy on a proof
  • Extend collaboration
  • Exceed customer and business partner expectations.

The PageProof extensibility tools

PageProof Enterprise customers can add their own custom tools to their PageProof X-Tool suite. For example: a customized PageProof X-Tool that displays information about an asset from their digital asset management system, or a tool that gives useful context for the reviewer from an internal product system. PageProof Enterprise consultants are available to discuss your PageProof X-Tools needs.

About PageProof

PageProof is the world leading online proofing tool that makes reviewing and approving work feel effortless. Files of any kind can be securely shared with your team in just a few clicks. With smart tools to automate workflow, review work, and make sure everything is pixel-perfect, providing feedback is simple. PageProof is the only triple-layer encrypted online proofing solution that offers native integrations and support for all your design, communication, and project management tools like Adobe, Canva, Figma,, Asana, Trello, Slack, Microsoft Teams, InVision, Sketch, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, and more.

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Julia Schonrock

Marketing Specialist