PageProof July FNF blog 2023

PageProof fresh new features: July 2023

Looking to save time in your review and approval process? Our latest product features are sure to brighten your day. In PageProof’s July release, you’ll find audio proofing controls, advanced settings for Asana, collection URLs, and the convenience of duplicating checklist templates for all your design needs. Feature-rich for the time-poor. 💚

Essential tips for choosing the best audio file formats

Audio file formats are everywhere. But how do you choose the best file type for your design project? Learn the difference between the formats, tips for choosing the best format, and how to ensure the audio files are pixel-perfect. 🔈

Asana and PageProof: Powerful solution for creative flows

Love Asana? Then you will love our supercharged Asana + PageProof native integration. Meaning users now have the ability to create proofs directly from Asana tasks, greater transparency across the entire project, and the ability to customize workflows. The power is infinite ♾

PageProof launches importing comments from Adobe PDF files

Press release 7th July 2023 – Market leader in online proofing releases a world-first import PDF comment feature. You can now effortlessly import PDF comments and markup from Adobe Acrobat directly into PageProof, with just a few clicks. Save time, streamline your workflow, and accelerate your projects with ease. 🚀

Streamline collaboration with PDF Markup: The complete guide

PDF markup is an essential collaboration tool for many businesses. Discover what makes this tool so popular. PageProof takes PDF markup to a new level with its powerful features. The release of its PDF comment import feature means you can consolidate feedback from different sources. Teams will love this secure, efficient, and effective collaboration experience. 💚

PageProof & Airtable: Deliver creative campaigns faster

Deliver creative campaigns faster with the PageProof and Airtable native integration. The extension streamlines workflows in conjunction with the review and approval of creative elements of any project – with the added benefits of advanced proofing and review precision. Teams will love airtight timelines and pixel-perfect proofs. 💚

PageProof birthday release: new product features June 2023

We love celebrations. So we loved bringing you, our customers, a special product release throughout June (our birthday month). And they were amazing! Introducing: ClickUp integration, barcode scanner, a integration enhancement, an integration with Airtable, and PDF comment import. Something special for everyone.🎈 and PageProof’s powerful integration saves hours

Want to supercharge creative workflows in Save hours of time with our native two-way integration, streamlining collaboration around the proofing process. Designers will love the ease of the Adobe add-on. We love that you can fly through approvals on autopilot and keep your projects updated along the way 🚀.

PageProof releases a barcode scanner perfect for packaging proofs

Press release 9th June 2023 – Market leader in online proofing announced the latest feature release, an automated barcode scanner. Improving accuracy and efficiency of reviewing and approving packaging proofs. And it power-up the process of checking for barcodes and QR codes on a proof in a smarter way.

PageProof barcode scanner: time-saving magic for packaging

Are you tired of manually checking for barcodes on packaging or artwork proofs? Or being limited by partial barcode scanning capabilities? Experience the efficiency and convenience of PageProof’s automatic barcode scanner, the smarter way to ensure barcodes and QR codes are pixel-perfect. You will love this time-saving magic. 💚

PageProof extends proofing in ClickUp with native integration

Press release 1st June 2023 – Market leader in online proofing announced the general release of their powerful integration with ClickUp. Teams can now access advanced proofing of all their file formats, powerful review tools, and automated approval routing.

ClickUp & PageProof’s native integration saves valuable time

Looking to save time in your ClickUp creative workflows? The native integration between ClickUp and PageProof allows teams to access advanced online proofing of all their file types in one place. You will love the power and efficiency of PageProof coupled with your project management tool – saving you hours of time. 🚀

PageProof fresh new features: April 2023

Are you looking for ways to enhance creative collaboration? Then you’ll be thrilled with our latest product release. PageProof’s April features include: Mirrored file column support for, ColorSep® enhancement, new ClickUp integration, and PageProof Academy for proof collections. Feature-rich for the time-poor. 💚

PageProof fresh new features: Feb 2023

Are you looking for ways to speed up your approval process? Then our latest product features will put a smile on your face. PageProof Feb latest product release include: general comments for collections, enhanced integration, Adobe Illustrator add-on format options & PageProof Academy for HTML proofing. We love making reviewing work feel less like working. 💚

PageProof’s fresh new features: Jan 2023

Do you comment on, manage, and approve proofs daily? Then our latest product features are sure to make you smile! January’s new features include PageProof X-tools, enhancements to our Asana integration, smart compare mode with a slider tool, and new video proofing controls. Feature-rich for the time-poor 💚

PageProof’s 12 days of Christmas feature release 2022

December is a time of bells, stockings, elves, and… PageProof’s 12 days of Christmas. There is a new festive feature release daily that benefits designers and marketers alike. Watch this space for the latest feature! 🧑🏼‍🎄

PageProof fresh new features: Sep & Oct 2022

Do you comment on, manage, and approve proofs daily? Then our latest product features are sure to make you smile! September & October’s new features include enhancements to our integration and measurement tools, share proof links, flexible checklists settings, and HTML gallery view to name a few. We love making reviewing work feel less like working 💚

Tools to localize marketing content to make an impact

Want to expand into a new market? Then you need to ensure your marketing content is not only translated accurately but also correctly adapted to appeal to local consumers. Discover our preferred translation and collaboration tools and be inspired by the localization story of a famous chocolate brand 🌟

PageProof fresh new features: August 2022

Does your team review and approve proofs everyday? Or are you an InDesign user? Then our latest product features are sure to make you smile! August’s new features include a new decision option for reviewers, new automated reminders, ability to create interactive PDF directly from InDesign, Brazilian Portuguese language option, and preview checklist functionality.
Feature-rich for the time-poor 💚

Fresh new features: July 2022

Is your team concerned about security and marketing compliance? Then you will love the news that our information security management system is now ISO 27001 certified! Other July features include the extended file type support for email proofing, checklists to ensure items on the proof are compliant, and the launch of our PageProof Academy. We love adding capabilities which remove barriers. 💚

Data security: why we chose ISO 27001 over SOC 2

Data security is of the utmost importance in a digital world. SOC 2 and ISO 27001 are two popular standards. Discover what benefits each of these offers and learn why we chose ISO 27001 to keep your data safe 🔓.

Fresh new features: June 2022

Are you an avid Adobe user? Then you will love our feature releases this month! New features include ColorSep™️ for Adobe Illustrator files, easy navigation of multiple-page proofs, enhanced management of collections, more markup options, and a simple way to add text from reviewer’s comments in Adobe InDesign.
We love making reviewing work feel less like work 💚.

Fresh new features: May 2022

Do you comment on, manage and approve proofs every day? Then you will love our feature releases this month! Our new features include enhancements to workflows, folders to organize collections, ability to nudge reviewers in bulk, video general comments, private links, zoom tool, and the enhanced integration. Feature-rich for the time-poor 💚

Fresh new features: April 2022

Have you ever wanted to place general feedback to say “that looks amazing”? Then our latest product features are sure to make you smile! April’s releases include general comments as well as convenient shortcut keys, a new comment filter, a handy video scrubber tooltip, and the enhanced status setting. We love adding capabilities while removing barriers 💚.

Fresh new features: March 2022

Are you a designer, project manager, or enterprise customer?
Then you will love our feature releases this month!
March’s new features include: new integrations, enhanced Adobe add-on, custom branding , and a new anonymous print sheet option. Feature-rich for the time-poor 💚

Fresh new features: February 2022

Are you a project manager using Asana? Or love creating Canva presentations? Then you will love our feature releases this month.
You won’t believe you ever worked without either of these seamless integrations 💚.

Fresh new features: January 2022

Our latest product release will have all users jumping with joy. There is something special for Enterprise customers, as well as project managers using We love creating features you never knew you always wanted 💚

Fresh new features: November 2021

Our latest product releases will have you jumping for joy. Highlights include the addition of the drawing pen in compare mode, enhancements to notifications, another boost to our integration, gridlines in video proofs, and the ability to ‘skip all’ from progress workflow icon. Has Christmas come early? 😉

Fresh new features: October 2021

Passionate about designing with Adobe tools? Then you will love the latest updates to our Adobe CC add-on and integration. There was also plenty of excitement about PageProof obtaining the Ghent PDF Output Suite 5 certification -showcasing that we truly make sure everything is pixel perfect 💚.

Fresh new features: September 2021

Speak Portuguese? Love flying through approvals using workflows? Then you will love our new product features rolled out during the month of September. There are also enhancements for our enterprise customers using audits and teams communicating via Slack. Allowing you to loosen your grip, while still holding the reins 💚.

Fresh new features: August 2021

Our latest product releases are sure to make you smile. Highlights include native file support for Adobe InDesign, new address book feature, enhancements to notifications, as well as a super-boost to our integration. We love adding capabilities which remove barriers 💚

Essential tips to optimize color when creating beautiful designs

There is power in color. It is, therefore, crucial to select colors for your design carefully, choose the best color mode (CMYK or RGB) and file type, and, finally, ensure the artwork proof is pixel perfect by using PageProof as your online proofing tool 👌🏼.

Fresh new features: July 2021

Our fresh new features for July will delight. Highlights include world-first ColorSep™, new file support, jumbojis, and more. We don’t believe in standing still 🚀.

Tips to make website review simple, smart, & secure

Changing consumer expectations are driving digital transformation in a post-pandemic world. Meaning website updates are crucial to your brand and business. Creating and refreshing your HTML content may seem daunting at first. This process can be made simple, smart, and secure using PageProof 💚.

Fresh new features: June 2021

Our June fresh new features will delight. Highlights include: enhanced HTML proofing, a new print sheet layout option, the ability to combine multiple files into a single PDF, the power to manage pending invites, and enhancements to the audit feature – we love adding capabilities while removing barriers 😉.

Fresh new features: May 2021

Our May fresh new features will leave you overjoyed. Highlights include: a new nudge zoom in compare mode, a new Adobe add-on version, additional comment formatting styles, and new proof share links – we love making reviewing work feel less like work 😉.

Fresh new features: April 2021

Our April fresh new features will have you jumping with joy. Highlights include: saving a custom workflow, support for prototyping tools, the ability to bulk add a workflow, and new native integration with Trello. Whether reviewer, designer or project manager – you won’t believe you ever worked without these 🤩.

Harmony in motion with our Trello & PageProof native integration

Manage tasks with Trello? Then you will be thrilled with the native integration with PageProof – meaning tracking your proofs under different projects is shifted to autopilot. Time to let your review and approve process of creative work in Trello fly 🙌 .

Fresh new features: March 2021

Our March fresh new features will make you hop 😉. Highlights include support for interactive PDFs and text search, ability to proof Wordpress, Squarespace and Wix website creation tools, further branding for Enterprise customers, and 5 new language preferences. You won’t believe you ever worked without them 🤩

Fresh new features: February 2021

We always get excited about sharing our fresh new features 🙌 . February’s highlights include the ability to proof crops and bleeds in InDesign, new email notification options, shortcut for new proof setup, ability to archive proofs easily. Feature-rich for the time-poor 🤩