PageProof: Up all the time

Text "up all the time. no scheduled maintenance" with a magnifying glass on wifi

PageProof’s product development methodology is to roll out enhancements as soon as they become available. These constant updates mean that PageProof is the innovation leader for the online proofing sector. Most importantly this means our users don’t have to wait for scheduled ‘new releases’ to see updates. It’s simple – why wait when a new feature is ready right now?

We also believe that, due to the urgency and velocity of proofing requirements, scheduled outages for platform upgrades should never occur. An online proofing platform should be up, all the time. No downtime for scheduled maintenance or releases of new versions.

So if you’re wondering why we don’t show a status page for PageProof? That’s why – we’re up, all the time because we don’t plan scheduled outages for maintenance or upgrades.

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