10 best-in-class video campaigns of 2022 to inspire

Best video campaigns: 2022 round-up with red play logo as image

Video marketing refers to the production of video content by brands to enhance their brand awareness and image. Video has become the most powerful way to communicate brand messages among all types of content. In fact, 86% of businesses used video campaigns as a strategy in 2021 and 88% of people want to see more videos from brands. However, the key is to create something that’s bold, gives a strong brand voice, and is perfectly tailored to your audience and their customer journey. 

We’ve collated a list of ten standout video campaign ideas to inspire. They cover a range of themes including sustainability, accessibility, wellness, nostalgia, and more. Enjoy!

1. Apple’s dynamic video campaigns shows the power of independence

We love the powerful message behind Apple’s latest campaign! 🙌

In celebration of International Day of Persons with Disabilities, technology giant Apple launched an energetic advertising campaign called “The Greatest”. The campaign aims to empower users with disabilities and highlight the various assistive features that Apple offers.

In addition, the ad’s soundtrack infuses every scene of the film with an optimistic and inspirational tone. The song is “I am the greatest” by the Australian Aboriginal songstress group Marliya Choir, and its lyrics are taken from Muhammad Ali’s famous quote – “I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was “.

Such a fantastic way to showcase the difference technology can make to a person’s life – especially those with a disability. 🤖

Read more: https://buff.ly/3uu63BI

Apple highlight its accessibility features for users with disabilities in a high-energy ad

2. BHF targets boomers using exciting moments from 60s & 70s

Marketing campaigns with musicians or bands are a memorable way to evoke emotion in your target customer. 🎵

To inspire baby boomers to leave a donation in their wills and to help save lives, the British Heart Foundation recreates the loud but exciting era of rock and roll in its latest commercial.

The ad recreates Slade’s Cum on Feel the Noize song from a 1970s rock concert for the intro. From the loud cheering crowd, the scene shifts to clips of important moments from that decade. Examples include the anti-war movement, the advent of the birth control pill, and the first heart transplant. 🎸

In the end, the loud music and cheers suddenly subside. This underscores the concept of the British Heart Foundation’s campaign – even though baby boomers are a loud generation, they can give back to society in a quiet way and save lives.

We think this campaign is an impactful way to connect with the Boomers, while cleverly communicating the key message to the audience. 💚

Read more: https://buff.ly/3TYkM2P

British Heart Foundation is transporting viewers back to the noisy generation

3. IKEA gives a happy ending to your discarded furniture

Each piece of furniture has a story. Unfortunately, not all have happy endings. 😪

Last year, IKEA Norway launched “The Trash Collection”. A campaign to recycle discarded furniture. For 2022, the campaign was rebranded as “The Life Collection 2022”. The aim – to upcycle furniture that is no longer needed.

The campaign includes a promotional video, which shows the story behind the discarded furniture, as well as a second-hand store to purchase the upcycled pieces.

We love how this campaign gives a new life to discarded furniture making their range more sustainable. 💚

Read more 👉: https://buff.ly/3yiGt4T

 IKEA offers a more sustainable way of treating our unwanted furniture

4. Clever video campaigns to combat malnutrition in the UK

Did you know that about 3 million people in the UK are malnourished? 😵

Dole Sunshine Company has partnered with Bompas & Parr Studio Ltd, a leading specialist in multi-sensory experience design, to raise awareness of this issue. The goal is to promote better food choices for a healthier lifestyle.

The campaign is focused on a range of ‘nutrition inks’ made from fruit and natural ingredients. It includes a video that shows the poster-sized malnutrition labels printed using the ink. The posters are then placed in OOH locations near vending machines and fast food outlets to raise awareness about the nutritional value of food choices. We love the key message of the posters which clearly states that the ink used to print them contains more vitamins than their choice of junk food. 🍍🍇

As part of the campaign, Dole Sunshine also donated products to FareShare, the UK’s largest charity fighting food waste and hunger.

We think this campaign is an innovative way to reflect on the issue of malnutrition and effectively encourage consumers to make healthier food choices. This one is sure to go viral 💚

Read more: https://buff.ly/3Sa8S4n

Dole promotes healthier food choice with “malnutrition labels”

5. Domino’s “blind code” turns its logo into a powerful purpose

In the world of branding, every logo has a meaning. But people rarely know these meanings.

Domino’s created a campaign to give its logo a more powerful purpose. Their agency, The Pub School, was inspired by the similarity of Domino’s logo to the dots used in Braille code. The resulting 360-campaign is called Domino’s “blind code”.

The redesign included packaging, menus, and flyers in Braille code – supported by an online campaign. Enabling visually impaired people to identify the contents of the menu using Braille 🍕.

We love how this design turns the brand logo into a second language for the blind and think Domino’s blind code is perfect for raising awareness for World Sight Day 💚.

Read more 👉: https://buff.ly/3yHEwQa

Domino’s turns its logo into a powerful purpose with Braille code

6. Amazon Books campaign brings readers’ imagination to life

Do you have a passion for reading? 📚

Then you will love Amazon Books’ global brand campaign showing how the magic of reading sparks the imagination. 🦄

“That Reading Feeling Awaits” was created in partnership with Droga5 into an omnichannel campaign. The campaign includes a beautifully-shot mixed-media video, multiple out-of-home (OOH) posters, and an emoji-laden 3D billboard.

The campaign’s video shows how five people’s magical ideas come to life when immersed in a novel. We love how the presentation of plots spans a variety of genres depicted by different animators.

We think Amazon’s campaign creatively showcases the magic of reading and hope that it will inject the love and excitement back into books. 💚

Read more👉: https://buff.ly/3zL0BfQ

Amazon Books uses five animation styles to show the invisible magic of reading

7. Iceland‘s new travel campaign lets horses handle your work emails

Have you ever been distracted by work during a vacation😪?

Iceland has found a way for you to enjoy your vacation undisturbed: let a horse handle your emails.

“OutHorse Your Email” is a new travel campaign by the Visit Iceland. It allows visitors to relax and immerse themselves in the breathtaking scenery while letting three highly trained and talented horses respond to your work emails🐴.

These horses perform this technological feat by walking around on large custom keyboard pads. Each horse has its own unique writing style, and you can choose one of the three horses to reply to your boss for you. Your email reply might be a “wFwhxsqjnzgmsrqaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” message.

You can now relax on vacation because your boss will never know the difference between an email reply😂.

Read more👉:https://buff.ly/3ANXm9F

An incredibly odd yet brilliant way to help you relax in your vacation

8. Sun rays reveal Corona’s “natural” video campaigns

We love Corona’s unique OOH billboard used to celebrate its “100% Natural” campaign 💚.

The campaign uses shadows created at sunset to reveal the brand’s bottle shape and a surprise message on the billboard.

What a clever way to communicate the campaign’s message that Corona is made by nature ☀️.

Find out more 👉🏼 https://t.co/0ReSYWLCTy

Corona’s stunning OOH billboard is made by nature

9. Uber uses humor to prompt customers to get their rides right

Humorous marketing generates sales and doesn’t make the audience feel like they’re being sold to. 💡

Uber collaborated with creative agency Johannes Leonardo to create a new campaign called “Get Your Ride Right.” The design concept is to get customers off autopilot and use humorous scenarios to illustrate that there are options for all occasions.

One of the ads promoting Uber Black features Karl at the reading of his uncle’s will. When Karl thinks all that’s left are his plants, he chooses UberX. The moment he realizes that “plants” refers to his uncle’s textile, auto, and steel mills, Karl chooses to take the more luxurious Uber Black home. 🚗

We think Uber cleverly demonstrates the flexible ride options it offers in a delightful and witty campaign. 💚

Read more: https://buff.ly/3AlshJf

Uber’s comedy ad encourages customers to book the ride that suits them

10. Specsavers put a smile on your face with new campaign

After 2 years off-air, Specsavers instead focusing on supporting communities affected by the pandemic, the campaign is back as version 2.0. The new creative includes commercials, out-of-home, and digital – highlights the broader range of services the company offers.

The real strength” of the “Should’ve” platform is not as a joke but is that it takes real-life scenarios to nudge people towards better sight and hearing while putting a smile on their face 💚.

Find out more 👉🏼 https://buff.ly/3CG93yc

Specsavers aims to expand its audience by entering into new advertising spaces

We hope you enjoyed our selection as much as we have loved putting it together. Which one’s your favorite? Message us on social media and let us know what your favorite video campaign was for 2022!

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