7 reasons why PageProof is the top online proofing solution

PageProof remains unrivaled in G2 Spring 2022 report

We are excited to announce that PageProof has been awarded 7 out of the total 15 potential badges in the G2 Spring 2022 online proofing category report. That means that we are the top solution in the Results, Relationship, and Usability categories. PageProof continues to a rated a near-perfect 4.9 out of 5 stars.

It comes as no surprise then that we were awarded the High Performer badge in the latest report driven by our outstanding customer satisfaction scores. We are passionate about adding the results-driven capability for our customers to review and approve– we believe there is always a better way.

A big thank you to our users who have provided reviews – we are thrilled to have so many happy customers behind us 🙌 .

G2 customer review

Let’s take a quick look at why we have scored so highly:

Creative collaboration is everything to us

At PageProof, we prioritize our customers’ needs every step of the way. Each time we connect with a customer we aim to make that experience exceptional. Customers are asked to rate their relationship with their online proofing provider in the G2 category review. We are therefore thrilled to have been awarded all 3 out of 3 badges in the Relationship category. And, the scores awarded under each badge are near perfect.

Voted: Best relationship

We are customer-focused every step of the way and we are over the moon to be voted as the product with the Best Relationship. Being awarded a fantastic score of 99%, means our users recognize that we believe in creating a joyful, nurtured experience that puts customers and their brands at the forefront.

Voted: Best support

We pride ourselves on our customer support. Therefore, it is an honor to be voted as the product with the Best Support with a near-perfect score of 99%. Meaning our users recognize our personal touch and quality of assistance with every customer interaction – no ifs, buts, or bots.

Voted: Easiest to do business with

We are so proud of our Easiest To Do Business With score. The 99% reflects that we make sure you are dealing with real, experienced people, and we are available when you need us. It also means that customers are more than happy to recommend us – 98% in fact.

Getting your best result is ingeniously simple

We believe that a powerful, easy-to-use review and approval process will help you create pixel-perfect work – saving time and money along the way. But it doesn’t stop there. Inviting engagement across an organization will mean more diverse ideas that will strengthen your brand. We believe that every voice can make a difference and we support this collaboration belief by offering no limits on users, data, and storage.

Software buyers can compare products in the G2 Online Proofing category according to their Results scores. We are delighted to have been awarded 2 out of 3 badges in this category.

Voted: Best results

We are thrilled to be named the online proofing platform that gives users the Best Results with a score of 92% – well above the category average. This badge is a reflection of being awarded the highest overall results score sourced from a combination of estimated time to ROI, time to go live, and highest likelihood to recommend.

PageProof’s ROI is 6 months on average, which is about half the time of the category average. And time to go live is about 35% quicker than what users are experiencing with other software solutions.

We are passionate about adding capability whilst removing barriers to your review process. Meaning you will achieve your best results.

Voted: Users most likely to recommend

It is an honor to again be named the online proofing platform that Users Are Most Likely To Recommend. This badge is a reflection of being awarded the highest likelihood to recommend score of 98%. We are delighted that users love the experience of PageProof so much they want to spread the word.

Deliver your best work quickly and easily

PageProof provides a powerful, smart platform that lets you fly through approvals on autopilot. Software buyers can compare products in the G2 online proofing category according to their Usability scores to determine which products are the simplest to use. With scores way above the category averages and being voted top for its best high usability score across this category, it is no surprise that users love us.

Voted: Best usability

We are proud that users voted PageProof as the tool with the Best Usability. This badge reflects the highest overall Usability score comprising of: ease of use rating (95%), ease of admin score (96%), and meets requirements score (96%). PageProof received a total score for Best Usability of 94%, which we are proud to say is far above the category average. We love that PageProof is packed with powerful, innovative features that are ingeniously simple to use.

PageProof makes reviewing and approving work feel effortless, meaning users love providing feedback 💚

We are thrilled that our customers love using PageProof. It is fantastic to hear they feel they are receiving best-in-class support as well as enjoying all the benefits of our ingeniously simple, but powerful solution – helping creative teams and marketers achieve their best results. Join the PageProof revolution today and turns what was once a headache into an easy and welcome part of every day.