PageProof empowers voices in your team

PageProof logo showing that PageProof has been welcoming feedback since 1999

The events of 2020 dramatically changed the workplace. Companies faced a new set of challenges in terms of collaboration (especially remotely), security, volume, and variety of content produced. From PageProof’s launch in 2014 to now, we’ve been continuously driving innovation in these areas

With this change in our customer needs, we felt it was the perfect time to review our brand communication. We’re thrilled to share the story behind “Making feedback welcome”. This is the first step of the next stage of our journey.

Time for change

We have been working in and around creative companies for years. So we know the pain points – the deadlines, the printouts, the ruthless red pen of a creative director. We knew there had to be a better way of doing things than marking up printouts, emailing around multiple PDFs, and chasing people for feedback. So in 1999, we built an online proofing solution and have been a leader in this space ever since.

More than online proofing

At the core of our business, we believe things should be simple. Quick to install, easily understood, and a delight to use by agencies and marketing teams alike to provide feedback seamlessly. We know that our secure, advanced technology can help you work smarter. Hence, our slogan “The smarter way to review” succinctly reflected our brand for years.

But we always knew it was more than that.

Our customers told us that if you feel like you are making a difference in the creative process – you will be motivated to provide more than rudimentary feedback. If you are given a voice, you feel empowered to make a difference.

Knowing that my voice is heard, I am motivated to provide more than rudimentary feedback. I love that my ideas, stories, and opinions matter.

With PageProof, you enjoy no limits. No limits on proofs, reviewers, or data storage. We encourage people to share and consider diverse thinking and unique perspectives. We believe this will nurture and enlighten creativity – strengthening your brand outputs. We wanted to portray this powerful feeling of inclusion. Our new slogan was born.

Making feedback welcome

PageProof maintains its ingeniously simple but powerful design, meaning what was once a headache is now an easy and welcome part of every day. But it’s more than just a better way to review and approve work. It’s a way to give everyone in your team a voice, harnessing the brilliant diversity of thought within your organization and strengthening every piece of work it creates.

Continuing our path of innovation and leadership, our new verbal brand reflects how PageProof empowers teams to make their brand the best it can be.