PageProof fresh new features: Sep & Oct 2022

PageProof Fresh new features: Sep & Oct 2022

We love sharing details of new product releases each month. PageProof latest features have something for everyone from marketers to designers in both the approver and reviewer roles. September and October’s features include:

  • A new automation for our integration
  • Enhanced measurement tool to ensure artwork elements are perfectly sized
  • Copy and share the proof link with others efficiently
  • Adjust checklist settings to manage your approval process
  • Enjoy free tips and tricks to master compliance from the PageProof Acadamy
  • Reviewers can view HTML web banners ad in a gallery view or single banner view
  • Updated helpful training guides

Read on to learn more.

A new automation for PageProof & integration

One of our most popular native integrations showcases the power of PageProof and working together to become a complete creative workflow solution. You can now automatically upload the final approved file into a files column on your board, without lifting a finger.

Tip: you can use automation to trigger custom notifications that the file is ready, and automatically move these files to your preferred digital asset management system 🤖. 

Ensure artwork elements are perfectly sized

The ruler tool now displays a diagonal measurement, and has more accuracy when you’re measuring very small artwork elements. And don’t forget that gridlines are available to check that all elements on the proof, including video, websites, and HTML emails, are aligned. Need additional tools for your proof? Click this link to know more about our magic tools.

Share your proofs with others effortlessly with PageProof

You can now quickly go to, and copy the link to the new proof you have created in the encryption progress bar – handy if you want to quickly add comments to the proof, or share the proof link with others.

Reviewers can quickly copy and share the proof link with others

Flexible checklist settings to meet your team’s needs

Checklists are a powerful feature that highlights essential requirements to be considered and checked off before final approval can be given. And now you can adjust a checklist’s settings in the proof’s manage pane after the proof is underway in its lifecycle. Team administrators can also control whether checklists are available for their team under their team settings.

Key tips and tricks to master compliance

The PageProof Academy is a great way to upskill your team and is free on all PageProof plans. If you missed the recent PageProof Academy on compliance, reach out to us via the in-app chat to receive the recording that deep dives into checklists, audits, and other crucial brand and marketing compliance features.

HTML web banner gallery view

HTML web banner ads can now be displayed in a gallery view, or a single banner at a time – your reviewers can choose their preferred view by clicking the button at the top of the web proof. Displaying multiple web banner ads, or static images, in a single proof for your reviewers is easy – download our index.html file, place your creative ads into a folder, zip – then drag and drop the zip file to create a proof.

Reviewers can choose their preferred way to display the proof

PageProof offers helpful user training guides

Fresh new training guides are now available both in-app and in the learn area of All our plans include training, so if you’d like to arrange a refresher for your team, contact your customer success agent or click the contact button at the end of this article.

Our fresh new features videos are posted on YouTube every month. Ensure you’re up to date with all the latest enhancements by subscribing to our YouTube channel.

If you’d like a walk-through of these new features and to see how PageProof can help your organization with streamlining creative approvals, book a time below.