ClickUp & PageProof’s native integration saves valuable time

Native integrations offer the most seamless experience when connecting your favorite martech tools. Because native integrations expand the functionality of another app, users cannot tell where one ends and another begins. Resulting in a deeply embedded, frictionless experience. Native integrations have grown in popularity with the digital transformation. In fact, in a recent survey, 83% of respondents reported that API integrations are critical or very critical to business. The good news is that two of your favorite marketing tools are now natively integrated. Introducing the PageProof and ClickUp integration – empowering ClickUp users with game-changing, powerful online proofing, it really will feel like you’re flying through approvals on autopilot.

What is ClickUp?

ClickUp is a popular project management tool for marketing teams that allows you to plan, track, and collaborate on any project. You can create marketing campaigns, manage development sprints, and create the ideal workflow for you and your team. ClickUp is suitable for all types of businesses and team sizes across various industries looking to collaborate on the cloud.

It lets you:

  • Plan, track, and manage any type of work with project management that adapts to your team’s needs.
  • With real-time chat, you can collaborate more effectively as a team.
  • Stay on track to meet your goals with targets for task completions, numbers, monetary values, and more.
  • 20+ real-time views allow you to tackle work from any angle by being flexible to your needs.

Read on to learn how PageProof’s ClickUp native integration brings super-charged online proofing to ClickUp users, and countless efficiency gains along the way.

Work smarter with ClickUp and PageProof

The ClickUp and PageProof integration means that teams can now access advanced proofing of all their file formats, powerful review tools, and automated approval routing – resulting in endless time savings and increased productivity.

Key benefits of the integration

  1. ClickUp users can access advanced proofing of file formats such as: video, audio, websites, HTML emails and web banners, native Adobe file formats, Microsoft Office files, prototype designs from Figma, and much more.
  2. Reviewers can access powerful review tools such as: comprehensive annotation, easy comparison of versions with compare mode, rulers and gridlines for checking precision, automatic barcode scanning, ColorSep® to preview color separation plates and check ink coverage, and checklists to ensure compliance.
PageProof has a range of powerful and innovative features.
  1. Seamless proof creation: Easily create proofs in PageProof and reference them to a ClickUp task.
  2. Synchronized task information: ClickUp task custom fields are automatically updated to reflect the proof’s lifecycle.
  3. Enhanced task visibility: View an information-rich proof summary within the ClickUp task – providing essential proof information at a glance such as: the current workflow step, comment counts, decisions, proof status, and more.
  4. Automated file uploads: Approved files in PageProof can be automatically uploaded directly into the corresponding ClickUp task saving effort and time.
Proof summary comment example in ClickUp task

The native integration between PageProof and ClickUp means users can keep track of all their creative proofs in one place with the added benefit of powerful tools and automations – resulting in save valuable time savings. See it in action today.