PageProof fresh new features: July 2023

PageProof July fresh new features 2023

We love sharing details of our fresh product releases each month. The latest features of PageProof have something for everyone, from marketers to project managers in both the approver and reviewer roles. July’s features include:

  • audio proofing playback controls
  • Asana integration new advanced setting
  • reports enhancement
  • proof collection URLs
  • duplicate checklist templates

Elevate your audio proofing with PageProof

Did you know you can proof radio ads, podcasts, and music…all with PageProof’s audio proofing. We have added new playback controls to skip forward and back 5 seconds, and nudge in 1-second increments if you need that too. Find out more.

PageProof’s enhanced playback controls optimize your audio proofing experience

Level up your Asana workflow with advanced settings

Our native Asana integration now has a new advanced setting. Team administrators can access advanced settings by going to team, then integrations, and clicking the cog icon on the integration card. Here you’ll see that you can control whether a new task comment is added when a proof is referenced to an Asana task. Show me how.

Asana and PageProof empower seamless creative approvals

Workflow insights: enhanced reports in PageProof

Reports can be accessed via the main menu, and you’ll now find in the proofs out in review and proofs overdue reports that we detail which workflow step the proof is up to so you can identify bottlenecks quickly and easily. New reports are coming very soon too, so watch out in-app for early notification. Learn more.

PageProof & integration enhanced users can now map a proof collection URL to a column on a board when using integration recipes. A tip: Use a formula to summarize sub-item proof statuses to see how the collection is tracking overall. Find out how. and PageProof’s powerful integration saves hours

Effortlessly duplicate checklist templates for all designs

And finally, team administrators can duplicate checklist templates making light work of creating a checklist for every type of design job you may need. Learn more about checklists here.

Our fresh new features videos are posted on YouTube every month. Ensure you’re up to date with all the latest enhancements by subscribing to our YouTube channel.

If you’d like a walk-through of these new features and to see how PageProof can help your organization with streamlining creative approvals, book a time below.