Fresh new features: June 2021

We always love sharing details of new product features each month. For June, we welcome a range of powerful features that will benefit website designers and project managers, as well as reviewers in any team.

June’s highlights include enhanced HTML proofing, a new print sheet layout option, the option to combine multiple files into a single PDF, the ability to manage pending invites, and enhancements to the audit feature. Read on to learn more.

HTML proofing enhancements

If you are a fan of our HTML proofing, you’ll be hugely excited by these enhancements.

You now have the option to filter comments on web proofs by device size. Perfect for working through change requests in order, from mobile through to desktop. Just click the device size icon at the top of the comment pane.

Or, you can choose to filter website proof comments by page URL. Perfect for when you want to work page-by-page, as you address change requests.

G2 customer review

Ordering comments

When reviewing static proofs, you can now order comments by markup position on the page making light work of reading through comments, as you view the proof from top-to-bottom.

New print sheet layout and download option

A new print sheet layout option has been added. This offers the choice of a more condensed view. And, if you ever need to export comments as a csv file you can.

Combine multiple files into a single PDF

Combining files into a single proof has never been this easy. No need to use precious time to combine PDFs using Adobe Acrobat, or another combing tool. Let PageProof do the work for you! Simply drag and drop several images at once and be prompted if you’d like to combine them into a single PDF.

Easily manage pending invites

If you are a team administrator, you can manage pending team invitations, and resend the invite if you’d like. Just head to team, then team members to do this.

Enhanced audit

For enterprise customers, a new audit event is now available for you in the proof’s audit – making it so simple to see when a workflow has been started at a certain step.

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