PageProof fresh new features: May 2020

Females and males avatars on proof. Fresh new Features May 2020
New features and enhancements for May 2020

The latest fresh new features of PageProof are now live. Highlights for May include enhancements to compare modes and comment filtering, as well as a new ruler tool. Read on to learn more.

Compare mode enhanced

We are excited to announce enhancements to our Compare and Smart Compare tools. Both of these now allow for easier comparison between versions by with a bigger compare screen and showing the comment pane while comparing.

Compare mode

When a new version of the proof is uploaded, the compare icon will be visible on the proofing screen. Click this for side-by-side compare mode and you’ll see it’s quick and easy to check if the changes you asked for were done.

Smart compare mode

For proof versions that have the same file dimensions, smart compare is available. PageProof automatically calculates the differences for you and highlights these in green.

Tip: use your keyboard arrows to quickly flick between the versions, and of course, you’ll see the comments are available here too.

Comment search is even easier

PageProof makes it easy to collate feedback online. Reviewers on a proof simply add comments using the red pen and click the green button to when they’ve finished reviewing.

To simplify searching for comments comment filtering has been enhanced to include a text search. You can search for a word by clicking the search icon found on the comment filter area.

New ruler tool

PageProof smartly analyzes your files so that your reviewers can check details such as file dimensions, fonts, and colors. It makes checking that the proof is on-brand a breeze.

We’re very excited to bring a measuring ruler to this area too – perfect for checking the size of artwork elements on the proof.

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If you have any questions or feedback feel free to reach out to our team via the in-app chat or, for new users, by clicking the button below. Otherwise, watch this space for our latest release of fresh new features.