PageProof fresh new features: July 2020

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New features and enhancements for July 2020

The latest fresh new features of PageProof are now live. Highlights for July include reviewers’ decisions are displayed on proof tiles, enhancements to compare mode, new dashboard management options, and new functionality to change decisions. Read on to learn more.

Decisions displayed on proof tiles

Reviewers’ decisions are now summarized on the proof tile in your dashboard for quick visibility. Decisions icons are displayed where a green thumbs-up means approval, the red pen for changes required, or a grey question mark to illustrate no decision yet. Displaying this state of consensus on each proof tile means you can prioritize and manage your proofs with optimal efficiency.

A clear view of each reviewer’s decision.

Tip: Clicking the decision icon reveals more information such as the name of each reviewer who made that decision.

Compare mode enhancements

We love that comparing proof versions is one of our most popular features. This month we have enhanced this functionality so you can compare two completely different proofs side by side. Perfect for comparing last year’s approved brochure with this year’s, for example. It also allows you to easily compare an English version of a proof with it’s translated version.

Whatever the proofs are that you’d like to compare, you can do so by clicking the cog icon on your dashboard and selecting compare.

In side-by-side compare mode, you’ll also notice a new icon that lets you switch the proof on the left with the one on the right.

Easily adjust due dates of multiple proofs

A handy new feature is allowing proof owners to change the due date of multiple proofs at once. To do this go to the cog icon menu, click change due date, select your proofs, and set the revised due date for reviewers to return their comments on the proof.

Changing decisions

As a reviewer, if you were perhaps a little too quick to make your decision and would like to change it you can. On the proofing screen, click the decision icon at the bottom right of the screen and adjust your decision as required.

Note: Final approvals, and to-do list decisions still require proof owner’s authority to revert these decisions.

As always, everything is audited along the way. So every change in decision can be easily traced.

All actions on the proof are audited.

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If you have any questions or feedback you’d like to share, reach out to our team via the in-app chat or, for new users, by clicking the button below. Otherwise, watch this space for our latest release of fresh new features.