Can MarTech help you collaborate in the face of a pandemic?

Tips to ensure your employees stay connected from behind the mask.

As the world struggles with the growing crisis of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, it becomes imperative that we all do our part to stem the spread of the pandemic. For businesses the situation is ever-evolving. Nobody wants employees to come to work if they are sick or have been exposed to the virus. In certain locations, there are travel bans in place. Therefore for businesses to stay operational in a virtual world, an increasing number of employees need to use MarTech to stay connected remotely – Time Magazine has even called coronavirus the “World’s Largest Work-From-Home Experiment”.

Stay connected whilst working from home

In 2020, there are numerous MarTech options available to promote online collaboration, but what do you need to consider when deciding which is the right tool for you? Here are 4 quick tips to get you started:

Open communication from behind the mask

Engaging with your employees does not have to be limited just because you do not see them face-to-face.  Keep communication flowing via a range of channels.  Let your team decide what works best – whether that is phone, email, video, or other communication methods. For the management of projects, it helps for communication to be captured in one place, no matter what the preferred tool is. Live communication also means being able to account for your employees at any point in time. Smart tools allow team members to set their status to indicate they are working remotely, on sick leave, or on vacation, thus keeping their colleagues informed.

Unhindered access away from the office

There are a number of solutions to ensure that files can be shared remotely to ensure that your employees continue to have unhindered access away from the office. Cloud-native applications easily enable employees to work from home, although some on-premise solutions can be set up to have remote access as well.  Allow for work to be done online, as printing documents will not be easily available. Ensure the software you choose is able to scale up the capabilities quickly during peak periods.

Work seamlessly over locations

Select digital tools that allow you to create workflows, which replicate your internal processes. Appoint roles that emulate contributors to actual roles in your project. Collaborate better by having a ‘live’ view on progress on status. Create seamless project flows by choosing tools that allow easy integration with other approved software in your business.  

Make it simple with smarter tools

At the time of increased stress caused by uncertainty, keep it as simple as possible. Look for tech that does not require additional installs; supports the range of file formats you work with; ensures it is a secure workspace; does it smarter.

Businesses face adversities all the time. Successful businesses adapt in times of challenge. Ensure your teams can collaborate successfully by making available MarTech tools that offer smart communication; easy access to corporate resources; secure workflows; simple but smart.