33 reasons PageProof is the #1 solution in latest G2 report

We are thrilled to share that PageProof received an impressive 33 badges in the G2 Fall 2023 online proofing category report. This incredible achievement solidifies our position as the leading solution in the Results, Relationship, and Usability categories worldwide. G2 has introduced more regional segmentation based on the location of the reviewers. As a result, potential customers worldwide can now ensure that a solution fits their company’s needs – no matter where they are, or what their size.

Leads online proofing with highest number of badges

In the realm of G2’s online proofing solutions, PageProof leads the way with an unbelievable 33 badges awarded. Solidifying our status as the top-tier online proofing solution, as voted by users. Notably, the competitors who are closest in the number of badges – Monday, Asana, and ClickUp — are all best-in-class project management solutions that are not specialist solutions in online proofing.

In fact, these providers all have integrations with PageProof so that their users can have access to the most powerful online proofing features without leaving their preferred project management tool. These seamless integrations allow you to effortlessly tap into both superior project management and world-class online proofing. It not only saves valuable time but also simplifies collaboration throughout the review and approval process.

PageProof wins hearts worldwide

We love that PageProof is once again recognized as a High Performer in the online proofing category. And this includes customers from small-business, mid-business, and enterprise. And they all love PageProof. It is no wonder that PageProof maintains its exceptional track record of being rated a near-perfect 4.9 out of 5 stars.

Thanks to our exceptional customer satisfaction scores, we were also awarded “High Performer” across all the report regions, including Europe, the UK, EMEA, APAC, ANZ, and the Americas. Showing that PageProof is loved across the globe.

Once again, PageProof earned the Momentum Leader badge, reflecting our ongoing commitment to advancing the online proofing category.

A big thank you to our users who have provided reviews – we are thrilled to have so many happy customers behind us. 🙌

G2 customer review

Let’s take a quick look at why we have scored so highly:

Simplicity at its best

We strive to make things simple. This starts with the implementation of the platform. Recognizing the importance of successful implementation, G2 empowers software buyers to compare products based on their Implementation scores, enabling them to streamline the buying process and identify easily implemented solutions based on peer experiences.

Voted: Most Implementable

We are proud to receive the Most Implementable badge for the category, as well as Most Implementable for Small Business among many competitors. A score of 92% showcases PageProof’s commitment to providing a user-centered and seamless implementation experience and is way above the category average of 81%. Our Ease of Setup score of 95% showcases that in-house teams have little difficulty getting started with PageProof. This ensures users can quickly leverage the platform’s robust capabilities. As a result, PageProof’s time to go live is nearly half the time of our competitors.

PageProof puts customers at the forefront

At PageProof, we prioritize customers’ needs at every stage of the customer journey. Our aim is to deliver outstanding service at every customer interaction, no matter what the company size or region. As part of the quarterly G2 category review process, customers are asked to rate their relationship with their online proofing provider. We are thrilled to win the Best Relationship badge in the Relationship category, both overall and for small business and enterprise teams. Best of all, the supporting scores for this badge are near-perfect.

Voted: Best relationship

We are customer-focused every step of the way, so we are over the moon to be voted as the product with the best relationship overall. A score of 99% means our users recognize that we are passionate about creating a joyful, nurturing experience that puts customers and their brands at the forefront. It should be noted that this is miles ahead of the category average of 86%.

The Best Relationship badge is comprised of the following near-perfect scores:

  • Likelihood to recommend: 98%
  • Ease of doing business with: 99%
  • Quality of support: 99%

Get your best results with PageProof

We believe that a powerful, easy-to-use review and approval process is essential to creating pixel-perfect work and, of course, saves time and money. Even more importantly, by working within a robust framework that has checks along the way, brand compliance is ensured. But PageProof goes even a step further. By inviting engagement across a wider team, more diverse ideas are added to your creative – strengthening your brand. We believe that every voice can make a difference and we support creative collaboration by offering no limits on users, proofs, workflows, and, storage.

Software buyers can compare products in the G2 Online Proofing category according to their Results scores. We are delighted to have been awarded the Best Result badge in this category.

Voted: Best results

We are thrilled to be named the online proofing platform that gives users the Best Results for the category with a score of 94% – well above the category average of 82%. This badge is a reflection of being awarded the highest overall results score sourced from a combination of measures, including estimated time to ROI, time to go live, and highest likelihood to recommend.

PageProof’s ROI is 8 months on average, which is about half the time of the category average. And the time to go live is 39% quicker than what users are experiencing with other software solutions.

We are passionate about adding capability while removing barriers to your review process. Meaning you will achieve your best results quickly.

Simple to use but powerful

PageProof provides a powerful, smart platform that lets you fly through approvals on autopilot. Software buyers can compare products in the G2 online proofing category according to their Usability scores to determine which products are the simplest to use. With near-perfect scores in all categories, PageProof is the #1 voted solution in this category, winning best usability overall from small businesses to enterprise teams. Simply put, users love us.

Voted: Best usability

We are proud that users voted PageProof as the tool with the Best Usability for the category overall, as well as a multitude of different business sizes. This badge reflects the highest overall Usability score: highest ease of use rating (95%), highest ease of admin score (95%), and highest meets requirements score (95%). PageProof received a total score for Best Usability of 94% which we are proud to say is well above the category average (85%). We love that PageProof is packed with powerful, innovative features that are ingeniously simple to use.

PageProof: The preferred choice for Enterprise teams

To simplify the process of selecting the ideal product for larger organizations, G2 has introduced the enterprise classification within the Relationship and Usability segments. And we are thrilled that PageProof has been named High Performer based on votes from Enterprise customers.

We also received 3 out of 3 badges for the Relationship category, taking out Best Relationship overall (86%), Easiest to Do Business With (100%), and Best Support (100%). In addition, PageProof earned 3 out of 4 badges in the Usability category, including Best Meets Requirements (100%), Easiest to Use (98%), and Easiest Admin (98%).

These outstanding scores further prove that the PageProof experience is unparalleled, consistently delivering superior value and exceeding the needs of the enterprise user.

We are thrilled that our customers love using PageProof across all sizes of business worldwide. It is fantastic that users recognize our emphasis on relationships as well as enjoy all the benefits of our ingeniously simple yet powerful solution that is simple to implement – helping creative teams and marketers achieve their best results. Join the PageProof online proofing revolution today and effortlessly integrate PageProof into your daily workflow.

PageProof makes reviewing and approving work feel effortless, creative collaboration is seamless 💚