Make it a Canva Christmas, but be mindful of Covid

We love that Canva has created a range of merry templates to add just the right amount of sparkle to your marketing campaign at Christmas.

Although it can’t be ignored that, for most of us, 2020 probably looked a lot different from previous years. With the pandemic being a defining feature of 2020, it is important to convey the right sentiment in your marketing message.

Here are some of our top template picks from Canva:

For your holiday message, there is a range of tones to choose from – sentimental, humorous, positivity, gratitude, touching on the pandemic, and more.

Sentiments that resonated or simply made us smile include:

  • From our porch to yours.
  • Together apart.
  • This will be our year.
  • You’re essential to us.
  • New Year? Yes, please.
  • Hand Santa-tizer.

So many choices! But we love that Canva helps us design beautiful festive collateral. To review and approve your designs, it is so simple to connect to the PageProof app directly inside Canva so you can send your Christmas designs easily out of Canva to PageProof. Supercharging your workflow.

Links to Canva templates

  • Navy Blue Christmas Baubles Christmas Gift Certificate
  • Pink Christmas Retail Social Media Graphics
  • Red Illustrations Christmas Letterhead
  • Christmas Holiday Sale Poster
  • Cocktails Christmas Tree card