New to hybrid teams? Here’s everything you need to know.

Hybrid teams - Outlines of a white house and a white office block - green background

Hybrid is the future of the workplace. As restrictions are being lifted, many businesses are managing the number of staff onsite by asking employees to come into the office on specific days or hours or simply working from home. This results in a hybrid team structure, where some employees work from the office while others connect remotely.

What is a hybrid team?

Hybrid companies have a new model of work where the employee can decide how, where, and when they work best. Employees can choose between working in an office or workspace, working remotely, or alternating between the two. Hybrid teams allow employees to have control over their hours and place of work, depending on where they are the most productive.

Some employees may increase their effectiveness by eliminating long commutes, whilst others will never want to work from home again.

too much proximity to the fridge is not good for me!

Some employees prefer the office environment to working from home

What tools best support hybrid teams?

Hybrid teams won’t work without the right resources and support. It is crucial to equip your team with the technology they need. A team of hybrid employees requires:

  • a team communications app
  • video conferencing platform
  • shared files/documents
  • good Wifi connection if working from home

Our article on working from home provides a number of tips and tools you can employ to create an effective and enjoyable virtual working environment.

The upsurge in digital marketing content

For marketing teams who are outputting a huge increase in digital content due to the Covid-19 pandemic, bringing the hybrid team together to review and approve content can be difficult and time-consuming. This is why PageProof launched a world-first feature: email marketing proofing.

You can now seamlessly review and approve email marketing campaigns, by simply sending a test email from any email marketing system that a marketing team may be using into PageProof as a proof – no integration or setup needed. Find out more about how your hybrid team can use PageProof for their review and approval of eDMs.

With hybrid teams looking to be the way of the future, employees can choose to come into the office or work from home depending on where they believe they’ll be most productive. However, along with this, a new set of challenges has emerged. Modern technology helps to bridge most of the gaps by creating a workplace that supports employees working remotely, from an office or shared workspace. For the upsurge in digital content being produced, there is now a solution – send your email campaign as a test email to PageProof and gather feedback and approvals from there. So it seems that good things do come out of challenging times.

With the move to working remotely due to COVID-19, we were able to actually increase our productivity because of PageProof.