PageProof’s Easter eggstravaganza

It’s finally spring (or autumn for those down below) and Easter is just around the corner. While some may be busy dyeing (or buying) Easter eggs, being a software company, we’re creating Easter eggs of a different sort – the website kind!

This type of Easter egg is a hidden feature. But rather than a piece of media like a game or interactive animation, PageProof is bringing you five smart features you never knew you always wanted in our very own Easter eggstravaganza. These will be released daily, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled. Happy hunting!

Let the hunt begin!

Egg #1

Interactive PDF support is here! Click the preview icon on the proofing screen to check links, buttons, and more, for an interactive PDF.

Check back daily to see details of each new egg feature released.

Egg #2

Search and you will find….text! Hunt out partial text, words, or phrases on a proof when you need to.

Egg #3

Our website and HTML proofing has always been world-leading. Did you know we full support WordPress, Squarespace, and Wix sites, and now even faster than ever before!

Egg #4

Add more flair to email notifications. If you’re on a PageProof enterprise plan you’ll see new branding options under your team branding menu.

Egg #5

Say “hello”, “hallo”, “bonjour”, “こんにちは”, and “halo” to PageProof in five different languages – Dutch, Spanish, French, German, and Japanese. We’re so excited to bring you this new feature. Click your avatar, then the globe icon to set your language preference.

Thank you for being part of our Easter eggstravaganza. We certainly have plenty more excitement planned on our roadmap for 2021 and beyond, so follow us below to stay tuned for more updates.