Samsung’s S21 Galaxy Ultra gives you the perfect shot

4 lenses as seen on the S21 Ultra. Zooming in on Samsung's new S21 Galaxy Ultra.

The new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has caused a stir in the world of phone releases. The excitement comes from this latest release delivering the world’s best camera phone specs – for the moment at least.

Camera specs

In many ways, the S21 Ultra has unmatched versatility for photography. Meaning it has something for everyone. Detailed specs include: 

  • The longest, cleanest zoom on a phone, and most versatile camera set driven by quad-lens camera system with two different zoom lenses for 3x and 10x zoom, a 108-megapixel standard wide lens, and an ultra-wide lens
  • The best battery life in its class with a humongous battery
  • Brightest display with the most granular adaptive refresh rate
  • Unique 12-bit color RAW capture at 108MP
The Galaxy S21 Ultra’s cameras.
Image: Evan Blass on Twitter

Review files with PageProof

The Samsung S21 Ultra offers a wide range of file formats. Great news is that PageProof supports all types of camera files. From RAW to JPEG to HEIC – we’ve got you covered with all these supported file types.

So when you take a perfect shot on your Samsung S21 Ultra and want to utilize it for a piece of creative marketing content, PageProof makes it ingeniously simple to review and approve this with your team.