5 Chrome extensions essential for marketers

For all of the greatness that the internet has to offer, one of its biggest downsides is how distracting it can be. The good news is that you can customize Chrome by adding features and functionality by selecting extensions from the Google Chrome Web Store. There is a vast range of tools that can help you become smarter and more productive with just one click.

We would like to share with you five Chrome extensions that as a marketer you absolutely must be using right now.


Want to get immediate feedback on your latest work-in-progress as you write? Grammarly offers a free Chrome extension that checks grammar for clarity and correctness while you are typing. Perfect for checking blog posts, tweets, and other marketing material. Grammarly’s artificial intelligence can even suggest adjusting the level of formality, confidence, and friendliness so that you can make the best impression. It’s a dream come true for marketers!

Figure It Out

One of the great benefits of conducting business in the world today is the ability to easily connect with people wherever they are. The hard part is figuring out the best time to reach out or simply schedule your post. Figure it Out (or FIO) shows information about a collection of time zones of your choosing, as well as a rough visualization of the state of daylight (or night light), and even lets you know whether that location is celebrating a national holiday. Simply brilliant and beautiful to look at too!


The RiteTag extension is truly one of the best Chrome extensions to research and generate the most impactful hashtags for your next marketing campaign. It is simple to check how frequently used the hashtags are or search for new ones that you didn’t even know about.


Crystal analyses public data to tell you exactly how to communicate with different individuals. And it does so with startling accuracy. Using personality detection technology, Crystal creates unique personality profiles for every person by analyzing their online presence to show you how to speak/write in their preferred communication style. Perfect for highly targeted conversations such as outreach!


PageProof is a smart tool that takes the complexity out of online proofing. It provides a simple way to review and approve anything and everything – all your file types, in a single platform. A fully encrypted, cloud proofing, approval system, it streamlines feedback on your file from team members or clients.

PageProof has a Chrome extension that is used to enhance the reviewing experience of websites – so if you are producing splash pages, full websites, HTML web banners, and more, download the PageProof extension for Chrome. With the extension installed, you can freehand draw, and place pins, lines, and boxes over HTML proofs. Best of all with each comment, the metadata is captured giving the perfect brief of changes for your web developer.

Adding markup and feedback to websites and HTML content is a breeze with the PageProof Chrome extension.

Even though you might be using Chrome extensions, PageProof has many other smart features to make collaboration even easier:

  • All deadlines and automatic reminders are converted into your reviewers’ local timezone automatically. You don’t have to do a thing.
  • Proofs are cleverly organized on the dashboard so reviewers complete proofing in the order of project schedules and based on their role in the project.
  • Grammarly is the perfect partner when sending out new proofs making sure your message content is spell-checked and the message tone provides clarity.
  • Files uploaded into PageProof are smartly analyzed to show dimensions, fonts, and colors. So reviewers can check the content of the proof, as well as the file setup details.