PageProof breaks new ground with HTML proofing

No one likes taking screenshots and writing long emails.

Chaos - A jumble of messages flying - "No one likes taking screenshots and writing long emails"

We’ve always seen the process of gathering feedback from websites as cumbersome and inefficient. Typically, a staging server is set up and login credentials are emailed to the client. Alternatively, a public link is sent.

No matter how the website gets sent to the client for viewing, what remains the same is the chaos that storms into email inboxes when the client has feedback.

Time-consuming, fiddly…Sound familiar?

Most reviewers will try to screenshot parts of the site and leave complex instructions of where changes need to be made. Links aren’t always checked, and most certainly your average reviewer will forget to check responsiveness. For those that do check the site on mobile or tablet etc, they make sure before they start that they have a myriad of devices lined up on their desk. This is expensive, fiddly and hard to keep up with latest hand-held sizes. The feedback chaos is immense and frustrating for everyone involved; the web developer, the account manager, and the reviewers.

Review websites in a smarter way with HTML proofing

With PageProof as the sign-off system for your website project, the process of gathering and actioning feedback is sped up by at least 8 times.

How to use HTML proofing?

Simply enter a URL, or upload a zipped folder containing all the HTML to begin a proof. Reviewers (internal and/or external to the business), are invited simply by email address.

Reviewers use a red pen to leave feedback directly on the website and have a handy drop-down menu of devices they can choose from to check the site’s responsiveness.

Every time a comment is placed, your web developer can see exactly the screen dimensions, scroll position, URL page, and the browser that was used. And of course, just like the other file types PageProof supports, comments are all placed on the same proof in real-time – reducing overall collaboration time by 60% when the proof involves many people. Learn more tips on how to make HTML review easier with this link.

This is why PageProof is the world’s leader for review and approval.

 website proofing has saved us hundreds of hours.

Joel Worrel, Chief Technologist