PageProof fresh new features: August 2020

Females and males avatars on proof. PageProof-Fresh New Features August 2020. Grey background.
New features and enhancements for August 2020

The latest fresh new features of PageProof are now live. Highlights for August include flexibility in actioning comments, new PageProof Canva app, increased power for team administrators, and further enhancements on smart compare. Read on to learn more.

Action comments when it suits

Proof owners can now begin working on the comments without waiting for the approver to send back a to-do list. This gives you flexibility for when you want to get a head start on changes, and of course, each comment you mark as done is updated in real-time for everyone on the proof.

New PageProof Canva app

Are you creating on-brand social media ads, blog posts, imagery, and presentations in Canva? Our new PageProof Canva app lets you upload your artwork from Canva directly to PageProof, with no set up needed. To do this, in Canva click the Publish option and choose PageProof. Click Save design, then View in PageProof. This will take you to the proof setup screen where you can send out your proof.

Greater control for Team admins

Team administrators now have even greater power to manage your organization’s proofs, even if they aren’t named on the proof. If you are the team administrator, click your avatar and then select Team. View your Team dashboard and click the i icon to see further information about the proof, or click the cog icon to manage the proof.

You can also see all audits if you need to view important activity that occurred in the proof’s lifecycle. All of this can be done without needing to be an owner of the proof.

You’ll also see under team settings that we have new controls here too.

More smart compare enhancements

Side by side compare, and smart compare (where PageProof analyzes the differences for you), lets you quickly see if changes you asked for were done are a fantastic timesaver for everyone involved in the proof. Now you can overlay comments from the previous version layered on top in smart compare mode, or vice versa – perfect for ensuring changes were made.

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If you have any questions or feedback you’d like to share, reach out to our team via the in-app chat or, for new users, by clicking the button below. Otherwise, watch this space for our latest release of fresh new features.