Fresh new features: August 2021

PageProof's fresh new features August 2021

We always love sharing details of new product releases each month. In August, we welcomed a range of powerful features that designers, project managers, as well as reviewers in any team, will love.

August’s highlights include a number of handy features from an enhancement to the proof header, new look and functionality for notifications, native file support for Adobe InDesign, new address book feature, an easy way to replace your proof file, and a supercharged integration. Read on to learn more.

Proof header

If you like to have several browser tabs open at the same time, who doesn’t, you’ll love this latest enhancement. We now keep the proof name on display at all times while you’re proofing – perfect for when you’re jumping between proof tabs.

Notifications new look

Our notification pane now shows three tabs:

  • All shows your full live notification stream.
  • Attention needed filters to show essential notifications such as when you’ve been invited to proof, been nudged, @ mentioned, or received that proof approval or to-do list.
  • Your decisions filters to show all proofs that you’ve recently made a decision on.

You can also mark notifications as read or unread, just like email.

Adobe InDesign native file support

We’re excited to announce Adobe InDesign native file support. Perfect for when you want to route your initial artwork for a quick review before creating the final design for approval. That’s right, simply drag and drop your INDD file to create a proof. It’s that easy. No need to export a PDF.

Head to our help article to learn more.

Address book

Head to your profile to see your address book. This new feature enables you to manage your existing address book of email addresses, and add new ones too.

Tip: Click an email address to amend it.

You’ll see your address book make suggestions whenever you start typing an email address when setting up proofs and workflows.

Replace proof file

Have you ever uploaded the wrong file to create a proof? Or spotted a mistake you want to quickly correct before your reviewers begin proofing? You can now replace the proof file. Click the cog icon to open the manage pane to do this.

Note: This feature is available if the proof has no comments or decisions placed by reviewers.

Supercharged integration

Our integration has been supercharged for teamwork. You can see where the proof is at in its workflow, and use new integration recipes to keep the status of the proof automatically in sync based on the rules you set. Chat with our team to discover what you can achieve with our powerful native integration with

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