Fresh new features: February 2021

Females and males avatars on a proof. PageProof-Fresh-New-Feature-Releases-February 21.
New features and enhancements for February 2021

We are excited to share highlights of our latest feature releases. For February, highlights include the ability to proof crops and bleeds, new email notification options, shortcuts for setting up new proofs, and archiving proofs in collections. Read on to learn more.

Proofing crops & bleeds with our latest Adobe CC extension version

Our latest Adobe Creative Cloud add-on version supports crops and bleeds for InDesign proofs, and if you are using Photoshop, options to export your proof in a different file format too.

New email notification options

Check out new email notification options by clicking your avatar and selecting Profile. If you’re using the Microsoft Teams or Slack integrations, you also have the option to turn off critical emails – perfect if you like less noise in your inbox.

Shortcuts for setting up new proofs

We’ve added new time-saving features to the proof setup screen. Click the three dots icon to change the collection folder, and use the search to find a workflow template. Perfect for setting up the proof quickly and efficiently.

Archive proofs quicker than ever

If you’re using collection folders to track campaigns and projects of related proofs, when you archive a folder that you’re no longer using, you can archive all the proofs within the folder, if you’d like.

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Chat with us today, if you’d like a walk-through of these new features and more.