PageProof fresh new features: January 2021

Females and males avatars on a proof. PageProof-Fresh-New-Feature-Releases-January 21.
New features and enhancements for January 2021

We are excited to share the first product feature releases of PageProof for 2021. Highlights include comment pane enhancements, quicker nudging, and a new nudge message field. Read on to learn more.

Comment pane enhancements

Custom resizing of comment pane

Do you want the comment pane to take up a little less space on your screen? Resize it by dragging the edge to the size that’s most suited for you – or double-click the edge. Perfect for when working in side-by-side compare mode too. When the comment pane is condensed, you’ll find more options for comments inside the three dots icon. 

Comment shortcut key

Fly through marking off comments with our new shortcut key. Use the tilde key to change the comment’s status to unmarked, done, or back to a to-do.

Restrict replies to comments

If you’d like to restrict further conversations after a to-do list has been returned, team administrators can now turn this setting on under team, then settings.

Easily add screenshots to comments

Not only do we support multiple attachments on comments, but did you know that you can paste screenshots from your clipboard quickly into a comment to automatically create an attachment? Easy breezy, too easy.

Multiple ways to nudge reviewers

When you next nudge a reviewer, do so from the proof tile, or at the top of the proofing screen. The question mark icon shows who hasn’t left a decision yet. You’ll see you can send a message along with your nudge too if you like.
Tip: click the 3 dots icon next to the title ‘no decision’ to nudge all.

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