Fresh new features: January 2022

PageProof's fresh new features for January 2022

We love sharing details of new product releases each month. In January, there was something for everyone. The latest powerful features are perfect for all users across marketing and design, as well as project managers working with Our release also includes something special for enterprise customers in any team.

January’s exciting features include a new highlight for a collection proof and a proof page, new custom automations in with the PageProof integration, and an email sending address feature for enterprise customers. Read on to learn more.

Highlighting proofs and pages

You’ll be excited to know that we have created easier navigation of collection folders. This means when you open a collection folder, the proof you’re currently viewing will be highlighted for you, making it easier to review what’s in the folder and go back to what you’re working on in a flash.

You’ll see this same highlight is applied to the page grid for a proof, and also in compare mode – along with detailing the comment breakdown on each page. Handy for jumping quickly to a page with outstanding to-dos for example.

Create custom automations in

If you’re using as your project management tool and have the PageProof app installed, you’re now able to create a custom automation to perform actions. Why lift a finger when you don’t have to?

On your board, go to automate, then custom, and create custom automation. When the proof reaches a certain status – for example, when the proof is approved – you can trigger to: move the item to a group, send a notification, assign a person, and much more. Perfect for automating even more to the way you and your team review and approve, and manage creative work.

Email branding option

Enterprise customers can enjoy setting a custom email sending address. All email notifications are sent from by default, but you can change this to a different email address if you’d like. Team administrators can head to team, then settings, to access this new feature.

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We have an exciting roadmap planned for 2022. If you’d like a walk-through of these new features or chat about any feature requests you may have – get in touch!