Fresh new features: May 2022

Fresh new features May 2022

We love sharing details of new product releases each month. In May, there was something to get everyone reviewing and approving creative work with PageProof excited – especially reviewers managing and commenting on proofs, and users working with collections of proofs.

May’s new features include:

  • ‘All or one’ decision required workflow feature
  • Folders to organize your collections
  • A bulk nudge for management of proofs and collections
  • A new proof setup preference setting
  • General comments for video proofs
  • Support for private Figma links
  • A zoom option for web proofs
  • Enhanced integration.

Read on to learn more.

‘All or one’ decision required workflow feature

We’re hugely excited to announce a new workflow feature – setting whether all decisions or just one is needed in a workflow step to trigger the proof to move on. When you have multiple mandatory reviewers, or gatekeepers in a step or a combination of both – click the button to set whether all decisions from these reviewers are required, or just one.

Need more information about reviewer permission roles in the workflow? Click this link to learn more.

Choose whether all decisions are required, or just one to trigger the proof to move on.

Folders to organize collections

If you love to use collections of proofs, you can now organize collections into folders. By brand, client, project…it’s up to you. Click the cog icon on a collection and select ‘folder’ to either create a new folder or add to an existing folder. It’s that simple.

Nudge reviewers in bulk

For those working on tight deadlines, bulk nudge is a handy new option available on your dashboard, and also for a collection. This will send a nudge reminder to all reviewers who haven’t finished their reviews.

Set your new version file or proof name preference

You can now set your preference when uploading new versions, to use the file name, or use the proof name from the previous version. In the proof setup screen, click the three dots and your preference will be remembered from here on.

Video general comments

For video reviewers, the new general comment tool is now available. This new option lets you add a comment without any markup – perfect for making a general statement about the proof like “this looks amazing!”.

Look for this icon to add a general comment to a proof

Create proofs of private Figma links

We’ve always supported the review of Figma links, and now private Figma links are supported too. Click the file dropper icon and select the website URL, then paste in the private Figma link.

Zoom to fit the proofing screen

When you’re reviewing web proofs and have changed the responsiveness to a small screen size such as iPhone for example, a zoom is now available. This will increase the proof to the available viewport on the proofing screen. Perfect for getting into the web proof’s detail.

Enhanced integration

For our Mac OS app users, you can create a proof using the Mac OS app and also copy the proof link found in an item, making it easier to create and access your proofs. Read this article to check out how and PageProof’s powerful integration can save your hours!

Referencing a item when in PageProof has been enhanced to allow a search for an item by the board, or by the item ID.

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If you’d like a walk-through of these new features – get in touch!