Harmony in motion with our Trello & PageProof native integration

PageProof and Trello logos with a line linking them showing connectivity. Integration

Welcome, our native integration of Trello and PageProof 🙌 .

We are excited to share the news of our new native integration with Trello, a power-up to your creative workflow that allows your review and approval process to move forward harmoniously.

Trello is a popular visual collaboration tool that creates a shared perspective on any project – from project management to list-making – through cards, boards, and tasks. Trello’s recent relaunch added even more tools to make managing tasks across teams even easier. We love their new look too!

It is easy to connect Trello with PageProof meaning your team can keep track of your proofs without leaving Trello, even create proofs directly from Trello too.

Power up your creative review process

If your team is using Trello to manage tasks, with the PageProof power-up users can create proofs and reference them to a card in Trello. The card will be automatically updated as the proof progresses through the different stages of its lifecycle. You can even create a new proof from an attachment on a card in Trello too.

Our native integration will allow your creative review and approval process to feel like it’s moving on autopilot, letting you and your team fly through approvals.

To get started you need an account in Trello and an account in PageProof. Talk to an expert to discover more.

Wherever you work, so does PageProof.