PageProof Fourth of July feature fiesta will make you smile

We love celebrations! And there is nothing better than celebrating a summer of freedom with PageProof. Freedom from dependence, freedom from restrictions, and freedom to voice your thoughts. Making the Fourth of July a great reason for PageProof’s latest in-app celebration.

Celebrating a summer of freedom

From the day the Declaration of Independence was adopted till today, the Fourth of July represents freedom.

On 4th July 1776, the Continental Congress, which served as the government of the 13 American colonies formally at the time, adopted the Declaration of Independence. This momentous occasion marked the moment of freedom for America from British rule.

Since that day, Americans celebrate their Independence Day with concerts, bonfires, parades, fireworks, BBQs, and more.

In 2021, US President Joe Biden is asking people to embrace public festivities of the holiday and kick off a summer of freedom from the Covid19 pandemic.

Making voices heard 💚

At the heart of PageProof lies the belief that every voice can make a difference. Giving everyone in your team a voice harnesses the brilliant diversity of thought within your organization to strengthen every piece of work it creates. With no limits on proofs, reviewers, or data storage, we encourage people to collaborate, share and consider diverse thinking and unique perspectives. We believe in the freedom to voice your perspective.

PageProof’s product feature fiesta

PageProof is excited to share that we are celebrating the Fourth of July with a feature fiesta – a day jam-packed with exciting product releases. Read on to see what is included in the release! 🎊


We believe in giving everyone in your team a voice. Powerful features make it ingeniously simple to share feedback, strengthening every piece of work you create. This feature release adds even more capability whilst ensuring you can have some fun with the proofing process. We are excited to share the following comments additions:

  • Filter HTML proof comments by device size. Perfect for working through change requests in the order that suits you.
  • Filter HTML proof comments by page url. Work page-by-page as you address change requests.
  • Order comments by markup position on the page. Perfect for reviewing comments as you read a proof from top-to-bottom.
  • Use the shortcut key : to quickly add an emoji to your comment.
  • Jumbojis! Say all you need to with a single emoji in your comment – nice and big too!
  • Export comments. When you need to, export a list of the proof comments as a .csv file.


Creating and reviewing proofs has never been so quick and easy! We love removing headaches of repetative tasks, and bringing joy to the proofing process. These latest proof features will have you smiling from ear to ear.

  • Condensed layout option for the print sheet. Perfect for when you want a simple list of comments printed.
  • Automatically combine files into a single proof. Drag and drop several images at once and be prompted if you’d like to combine them into a single PDF. Quick and easy!
  • Celebrate getting that final approval. Open an approved proof to see!
  • HTML proofing without a browser extension. The choice is yours. Our browser extension is now optional. Especially great news for reviewing HTML proofs on mobile!

PageProof’s Integrations

PageProof works wherever you do. And we love to continually enhance your experience when delving into your favorite complimentary platforms. Our feature fiesta celebrates this with something for everyone:

  • Three new Zapier webhooks to enjoy: When a user is finished reviewing when a user can see a proof, and when a user is nudged.
  • A new recipe for automation. Match by proof tag, then add the proof as an item on your board.

PageProof’s Team administrators

We love to see you fly through approvals on autopilot. So to get the right people on your review team, there is a new team administrator feature to help you get your team underway:

  • Manage pending invites. See who hasn’t accepted your team invites yet. Resend invitations too.

Take a peek at what Fourth of July features were released in 2022! And if you’d like a walk-through of these new features, book a time with one of our friendly team below. And don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn to stay updated.