Things to love about Valentine’s Day amidst a pandemic

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There isn’t much to love about the pandemic, but don’t let that stop you from loving things this Valentine’s Day.

People around the world are still reeling from the effects of 2020 – a year of change, loss and isolation brought on by Covid-19. So it seems fitting to expand the traditional meaning of Valentine’s Day to one that celebrates “togetherness”.

A time to acknowledge love for family, friends, and the communities around us. Hand in hand with these are the sentiments of kindness, hope, and appreciation.

Circle of kindness

This last year has brought people together, volunteering and helping one another and strengthening the whole idea of collective selflessness. Frontline workers are from our communities and are in turn giving everything for those communities.

Time to appreciate

The pandemic has altered the pace of our lives. Allowing us time to re-evaluate and connect with family, friends, and the community as a whole – even if it’s from a safe distance.

We love the “support local” movement which exhibits support and appreciation for independent businesses in our community. That in turn results in vibrant communities being are created.

Beacon of hope

After darkness comes the light. For the pandemic, these are the new vaccines on the way to everyone. So hope lies in more protection against the pandemic and alleviating the social and financial impact it has brought.

We hope that people and businesses will grow to be stronger, as a result of the challenges faced.

So when it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day in 2021 there are plenty of things to love – which will remain even as the day comes and goes 💚