US patent for PageProof’s world-first encryption technology

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We are extremely proud to be the only fully-encrypted online proofing platform. Best of all we now hold a United States registered patent that recognizes the uniqueness of our encryption sharing engine.

This is not to be taken lightly. The application process requires a huge amount of detail in the form of supporting documents, diagrams, definitions, etc. The in-depth application process exemplifies the rigorous approach surrounding the issuance of legal protection for intellectual property in the United States.

United States of America – Patent for PageProof’s encryption technology

How is PageProof so unique?

When using PageProof, we fully encrypt your proofs, comments, and attachments on device before this data travels across an encrypted pipe up to the PageProof servers where the data is stored encrypted at rest. This means that only you and those included on the proof can decrypt them to gain access to this information.

What is key to our patent is the encryption keys themselves and how these are shared – we make it easy to share encrypted content with people inside and outside of your team without fussy setup, installations of software, or key management complexity. All you need to do is simply click a View Proof button in your invite email and you can decrypt the proof and its comments – PageProof does the magical work behind the scenes that makes viewing the content so simple.

Getting into the detail, PageProof’s use of encryption wraps your data in a triple layer of protection. To best illustrate how we go the extra mile to protect your data, all proofing data goes through the following stages:

  1. Your proofs, comments, attachments and proofing data is encrypted on your device using RSA 2048 bit keys before it begins its journey to PageProof. This means only you and your team can decrypt and view your proofs and comments.
  2. Next, your data is transmitted using the latest TLS version over HTTPS to PageProof. This is the encrypted pipe between you and PageProof.
  3. Finally, your data is stored with encryption-at-rest in PageProof’s storage and databases. It is encrypted at rest using RSA 2048 bit keys.

This provides that much sought after assurance for security-conscious companies all over the world.

PageProof is the only proofing platform in the world to encrypt BEFORE transfer. Providing that extra assurance for security-conscious companies.

If the security and privacy of your projects is essential – we’re the only online proofing solution for you. This is often the case in medical, insurance, banking, government sectors… and if you’re an agency working with companies in these industries, or working on pre-release material (what agency doesn’t work on highly confidential pre-release design and marketing materials?) – look no further than PageProof. We all know that it is critical to ensure that a new top-secret product is kept under wraps. Find out more about what makes PageProof unique.