Asana and PageProof: Powerful solution for creative flows

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The native integration between Asana and PageProof is a powerful solution for your creative flows. The integration with PageProof adds online proofing to your creative approvals, seamlessly. The benefits of this are endless for both marketing teams and creative agencies – from time savings to enhanced collaboration, and increased efficiencies across teams.

Supercharged Asana and PageProof integration

The ability to reference proofs to a task in Asana means team members can see where a proof is at in its proof lifecycle without leaving Asana.

Elevating the power of our native integration means users now have the ability to create proofs directly from Asana tasks, greater transparency across the entire project, and added power to customize workflows.

Supercharge team collaboration, with Asana and Page Proof

Discover how your team can work more efficiently with the supercharged Asana and PageProof native integration and fly through creative approvals with ease.

Create proofs directly from within Asana

You can now create a proof directly from an Asana task. Choose from an attached file, a website URL, or HTML email.

Create a new proof directly from an Asana task – there are many options to choose from

  1. Attach a file from an Asana task. All the PageProof file types are supported including imagery, design files, audio, video, and of course Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF files.
  2. Add a website URL for review, allowing you to review live websites, staging sites, design links from Figma, Sketch, InVision, Adobe XD, documents and presentations created in Google and Office 365 for example, with ease.
  3. Create an HTML email proof from any marketing system.

If you’ve created the proof directly in PageProof (or via the PageProof Canva or Adobe app) – you can add an existing proof to the Asana task too – simply paste the PageProof proof URL.

Create new proofs directly from Asana tasks, or attach existing proofs

Advanced settings

Team administrators can even control whether a comment linking to the proof is added to a task each time a proof is referenced. See how.

Upload approved files to tasks

You can now upload approved files to tasks! When a proof referencing a task is given final approval, automatically uploads its file to the task.

See the progress of the proof at a glance

Without leaving Asana, you can see at a glance at which stage your proof is at in its lifecycle. The new PageProof widget at the task level gives an overview of the key information of each proof.

A proof card in an Asana task

Key facts include:

  • Progress of the proof through the proof’s workflow
  • Status of the proof
  • Due date of the proof or workflow step
  • How many comments have been added, and how many to-dos are left to action
  • Easily open the proof from the card.

Open the proof directly from the Asana task

An ingeniously simple way to keep your team up to date with the progress of approvals by adding greater transparency.

Customize flows

Power up your projects with the new Asana Flow. It is simple to customize workflows even further by creating rules for when certain trigger events occur. For example, when the Asana due date is approaching, nudge all reviewers on the proof. Simply select a trigger, and set action will result.

Use Asana rules to automate actions in PageProof

We are excited by the infinite power the supercharged native Asana and PageProof integration creates. Make your creative workflow and team collaboration even more effective with Asana and PageProof working seamlessly together. All the control. None of the micro-managing.

To get started, you need an account in Asana and an account in PageProof. Book a demo below to discover more.

Note: This blog with updated with an enhancement to the integration in Dec 2023.

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