Designers rejoice – proofing color separations made simple

Designers worldwide have been yearning for a simple solution to ensure that print-ready files are perfect. A comprehensive proofing color separations process reduces unnecessary costs or the negative impact that mistakes on packaging designs may have on your brand – not to mention a designer’s reputation.

PageProof is the market leader in online proofing. We are excited to share that PageProof has released yet another innovative solution optimized for packaging and other disciplines – PageProof ColorSep®. This world-first feature provides an ingeniously simple and powerful way to preview color separation plates of your artwork files. Coupled with the power of PageProof’s online proofing tool, designers will be thrilled how easy it is to ensure that packaging proofs are perfect before going to print.

Cost of packaging mistakes

People trust successful brands. Therefore spelling mistakes, color issues, and questionable design layouts will leave your potential customers wondering about your company’s professionalism.

If the mistake is caught before a product goes to market, the impact on your revenue stream can still be significant. InfoTrends reports that businesses generally toss 31% of all printed material due to errors and obsolescence.

And once an obvious packaging error is out in the world, it’s a tough thing to take back. It’s costly to recall the product. According to a study by Deloitte, food and beverage manufacturers can expect to lose up to USD $ 10 million in wasted stock, logistics, and penalties resulting from a product recall.

By putting stringent pre-press and proofing processes in place, a company can reduce the risk of costly packaging mistakes.

Advocates for a better way

PageProof’s production and process expertise has been accumulated over years in in-house departments, print production houses, agencies, and creative software. We continually seek to offer new solutions for marketing teams and creative agencies globally. Pushing the boundaries of the online proofing category with new possibilities.

Highlighted below are 10 reasons why collaborating using PageProof will benefit your proofing process for packaged goods and other printed materials:

  1. Proof from anywhere, on any device
  2. Manage multiple reviewers’ input easily – collaboration in real-time between teams, departments, and stakeholders
  3. Avoid excessive artwork revisions with Page Proof’s free Adobe add-on – perfect for designers using InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Comments and markup are layered directly over the artwork file.
  4. Save time with smart features
    • powerful zoom, and rotation of a proof
    • gridlines to check alignment
    • a ruler for measuring artwork elements
    • automatic detection of colors and fonts used in the artwork, as well as dimensions
    • smart compare versions, allowing side-by-side comparison, and automatic analysis of the differences
    • ColorSep® to easily let reviewers check color separation plates
  5. Stay on deadline with automated reminders, and clear, concise to-do lists
  6. Reduce compliance risk through workflows and comprehensive audit trails
  7. Be confident in the accuracy of the proof
  8. Promote increased visibility, traceability, and accountability for the feedback provided
  9. Save time and money with fewer revisions
  10. Foster creativity by removing the chaos and friction caused by old-fashioned review and approval processes

PageProof ColorSep® feature

Our world-first ColorSep® feature adds an abundance of smart features to the proofing process of printed artwork and is highly optimized for packaging.

It provides easy reviewing of:

  • Artwork composition, and CMYK color separation plates (in color)
  • Spot colors including Pantone colors
  • Dielines
  • Embossing plates
  • All your CMYK, Adobe Illustrator files

    Recently, further exciting feature enhancements were added, including the breakdown of ink coverage. Essential for reviewing packaging. You can now use your mouse to hover over the color plate preview to see the breakdown of ink coverage. In addition, on the proofing screen, the color profile of the file is displayed, as are the details of the linked assets in the original file. Perfect for checking artwork is created with the correct linked files.

It really is proofing heaven for designers.

Note: This article was updated in Oct 2023 to incorporate the introduction of ink coverage breakdown as an enhanced feature in ColorSep®.