PageProof’s fresh new features: Jan 2023

PageProof online proofing - fresh new features for Jan 2023

We love sharing details of new product releases each month. PageProof’s latest features have something for everyone from marketers to designers in both the approver and reviewer roles. January’s features include:

  • A word counter X-tool
  • Asana integration enhancements with checklist
  • A slider tool for compare mode
  • New video proofing controls

Word counter added to PageProof X-tools

PageProof X-Tools were announced at the end of last year. This feature offers a flexible way to customize the proofing experience for your reviewers by adding a calculator tool, a unit converter, or a calendar to the proofing screen on a proof-by-proof basis. We’re excited to announce a brand new PageProof X-Tool – a word counter. Perfect for when you need to keep a close eye on character and word counts for social media posts, ads, and more. Meaning reviewers have even more ways to ensure work is pixel-perfect.

PageProof X-Tool – wordcounter extends the proofing experience

PageProof & Asana integration enhanced with checklists

One of our popular project management integrations is showcased in the 2-way seamlessness of PageProof and Asana. You can now assign a checklist when creating proofs directly from inside your Asana task. And don’t forget we support not only file attachments, but creating website proofs, and email proofs from inside Asana as well. If you’d like one of our friendly customer success team to walk you through our Asana integration and how to use checklists to assist with compliance, reach out to us via the in-app chat on your dashboard.

Asana & PageProof native integration makes managing proofs simple

A slider tool for PageProof’s smart compare mode

Comparing two proof versions is easy with compare mode. In addition to using the quick flick tool,
you’ll now find a handy slider to reveal the differences for you. If you need to change the color of the slider, you can do that too. Don’t forget, not only can you compare proof versions, but you can compare the differences between two separate proofs too. Smart compare is just that – smart.

Compare proof versions side-by-side

Faster and more accurate feedback in video proofing

For video reviewers – enjoy giving feedback with precision, with frame by frame playback, and also handy skip forward or back buttons too. These, of course, have keyboard shortcuts which are all customizable in the magic tools. PageProof makes the review and approval of creative work, no matter what file type – feel effortlessly.

Proofing moving content is just as simple as static

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If you’d like a walk-through of these new features and to see how PageProof can help your organization with streamlining creative approvals, book a time below. Don’t miss out on our latest product feature release for February! Follow this link to check out our blog and learn about our exciting new features.