Fresh new features: September 2021

PageProof's fresh new features September 2021

We love sharing details of new product releases each month. In September, there is something for everyone. The latest powerful features are perfect for designers, project managers, as well as reviewers in any team or enterprise customers.

September’s exciting feature releases include adding a due date to workflow steps, a progress icon for workflows, and support for Portuguese. We also welcome an enhancement to our audit feature for enterprise customers and a boost to our Slack integration. Read on to learn more.

Welcome the workflow step due date

We’re excited to introduce the workflow step due date that ensures you get feedback from the right people in the right order, at the right time. Automatically.

A proof can have an overall due date, and also due dates for one or more of the workflow steps. Simply click the calendar icon beside each workflow step to assign a due date.  

Introducing workflow progress

A new icon now sits inside the summary of reviewers’ decisions. This workflow progress icon tells you how many workflow steps there are in the proof, and what step the proof is currently up to, including whether the proof is on track to the due date and time. The progress circle indicates how many reviewers have been invited to the proof so far. Click the icon to see further detail.

Portuguese language support

Ola! For our Portuguese speakers, you’ll find PageProof now supports this beautiful language. Just click your avatar, then the globe icon, and choose your preferred language.

Audit enhancement for Enterprise

For enterprise customers, especially those in marketing compliance, you’ll see a new audit event under the full audit view when someone viewed a proof. When you are in the audit, simply click the drop-down menu and select full audit. You can download the audit as well if you like.

Boost to Slack integration

If you’re using Slack as the communication tool for your team, but haven’t discovered the benefits of PageProof’s native integration with Slack. Now is the time to do so!

The latest enhancement allows you to paste the proof URL into a channel, which will now display additional information about the proof such as: the proof owner, the version number, and the proof status – allowing you to see these proof details at a glance.

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