Fresh new features: June 2022

PageProof's Fresh new features for June 2022.

We love sharing details of new product releases each month. In June, we are excited to showcase features included in our special Fourth of July feature release, and our amazing results in the latest G2 report for the online proofing category. There was something to get everyone reviewing and approving creative work with PageProof excited – especially designers who love to use Adobe.

PageProof shines bright in Summer G2 report

PageProof continues to lead the online proofing category and was named Momentum leader in the G2 Summer quarterly report and awarded a total of 7 badges. PageProof was named the top solution in the Results, Relationship, and Usability categories, and continues to be rated a near-perfect 4.9 out of 5 stars too.

PageProof was awarded a total of 7 badges in the G2 Summer quarterly report

ColorSep™ for Adobe Illustrator files

Our hugely popular ColorSep™ feature – color separation mode for a proof – is highly optimized for packaging proofing and lets you preview the color separation plates for the proof file. We have extended the file type support to Adobe Illustrator files.

PageProof ColorSep™: perfect for packaging proofing.

Easy navigation of multi-page proofs

You can use the mouse to scroll through pages of a proof. Or, use the left and right page arrows on the proofing screen – or left/right arrow shortcut keys. The choice is yours.

Workflow template information in the info pane

Open the proof’s info pane to see which workflow template was used. You’ll find the workflow template name in various reports too such as the approved proofs, proofs out in review, and proofs back from review reports, just to name a few.

Enhanced management of collections

The collection’s manage pane now displays the collection owner.

Open the manage pane to manage all aspects of the collection.

Other features you’ll find in the collection pane are:

  • Adding the collection to a folder – folders are a great way to organize your collections!
  • Sharing the collection with your team so they can also add proofs to the collection.
  • Perform bulk actions such as: adding an owner, nudging reviewers who have not yet finished reviewing, adding a reviewer, and replacing the approver
  • Archive collections that you’re no longer working with.

You can also use the new collection tooltip to quickly navigate through proofs in the collection to review them. Shortcut keys shift + left arrow, and shift + right arrow are available for this navigation too.

The collection tooltip lets you easily navigate through the proofs in the collection.

More markup options for your proofs

When marking up a proof using the drawing pen tool, you’ll now see useful undo, redo, and delete all markup options.

Look for these new icons when next using the drawing pen tool.

A quick way to replace text from reviewer’s comments in Adobe InDesign

Making text changes to your Adobe InDesign file is a breeze with the PageProof Adobe add-on. The latest version of the add-on allows you to replace text you have highlighted in your document with text from the reviewer’s comment – in a single click.

Quicker review of comments

Use the new comment pane arrows to quickly navigate through the comments on a proof. Tip: Use the order by icon to order the comments by position on the page, latest reply, date, timecode (for video and audio proofs), and much more. 

The order by icon allows you to order your comments by position, latest reply, date, timecode, and more.

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If you’d like a walk-through of these new features – get in touch!