PageProof fresh new features: September 2023

PageProof fresh new features: September 2023

We love sharing details of our fresh product releases each month. In the latest roundup of PageProof features, there is something for everyone. Project managers and designers in both the approver and reviewer roles will love the efficiency and clarity that the latest new features bring to everyone involved in the creative review process. These include:

  • Delete and archive checklist templates
  • ColorSep® zooming
  • Combining multiple files into a single proof
  • Volume setting for video and audio proofs
  • PageProof Academy: Adobe add-on
  • G2 Fall 2023 report

Streamline your tasks with checklist templates

Checklists are perfect for ensuring robust review and approval of creative work. They encourage collaboration and accountability by ensuring everyone is on the same page when following the same checklist and creating visibility of responsibility. Depending on your PageProof plan, the number of checklist templates team administrators can create might be limited. As such, it’s useful for team administrators to know they can archive and delete checklist templates.

PageProof redefines creative marketing compliance with checklists

Zoom into precision with PageProof’s color separation preview

ColorSep®, PageProof’s color separation preview for proofing print-ready artwork, now features an improved zooming capability. Enabling easy zooming of each plate to get right into the detail.

You can also use your mouse to hover over the color plate preview to see the breakdown of ink coverage.  And if you’d like to combine plates, use the command key or control key and mouse click to select. Achieving perfect packaging artwork has never been easier.

Ensure perfect packaging artwork with ColorSep®

Effortlessly combine multiple files into a single proof

Combining multiple files into a single proof is quick and easy – simply drag and drop multiple jpegs, png, and now PDFs onto the file dropper. When prompted, select to create a single proof. Making it ingeniously simple to review multiple creative file types in a single proof.

If the download option has been enabled by the proof owner, a zipped file will be received containing all the original files used to create the single proof.

Easy file combining for seamless proofing

Handy volume control for video and audio reviews

When reviewing videos and audio proofs, adjusting the volume is a breeze. This setting is retained for you when reviewing other video and audio proofs from there on. If you’re interested in selecting the optimal audio file format for your design project, take a look at this blog article. You’ll learn the difference between the formats, tips for choosing the best format, and how to ensure the audio files are pixel-perfect.

33 reasons PageProof is the #1 solution in latest G2 report

There are 33 reasons why PageProof is the number one solution for online proofing in the latest G2 fall report. We’re proud to share this news with you all, and if you’d like to learn more, head over to our blog article, or email us at to receive a PDF to read more.

PageProof Academy: deep-diving into the Adobe add-on

Our next PageProof Academy will be deep-diving into PageProof’s Adobe add-on. So if you’re a designer working in Adobe Creative Cloud apps, you won’t want to miss this webinar. You can click this link to join us on Wednesday, November 8th, at 11 a.m. PST. All registrations will receive a link to the recorded session, even if you’re unable to attend.

Our fresh new feature videos are posted on YouTube every month. Ensure you’re up to date with all the latest enhancements by subscribing to our YouTube channel.

If you’d like a walk-through of these new features and to see how PageProof can help your organization streamline creative approvals, book a time below.