How to boost email marketing efforts with online proofing?

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In a landscape brimming with digital marketing alternatives such as video campaigns and social media outreach, the power of email marketing endures. According to Statista in 2023, over 347 billion emails are sent and received daily. This timeless approach strikes a harmonious balance between affordability and effectiveness, providing an effective tool for marketers to connect with their target audience and drive sales. In this article, we’ll explore the pivotal role of email marketing and showcase the benefits of online proofing for your email campaigns.

Why use email marketing?

Here are the main reasons why incorporating email marketing into your marketing strategy is an essential choice:

Extensive reach

In 2022, a staggering 4.2 billion people worldwide actively used email – over half of the global population. Projections for 2025 indicate that this number is expected to exceed 4.7 billion users. The potential of email marketing is growing. Businesses are capitalizing on this opportunity, with a remarkable 319 billion business and consumer emails sent and received daily. This already substantial figure is expected to escalate further, with an anticipated daily exchange of over 376 billion emails in the next four years.

A great return on investment (ROI)

It’s no wonder that email marketing stands out as a top choice among marketers for content distribution, with a robust return on investment. On average, companies generate $36 for every U.S. dollar spent on email marketing. Notably, within industries such as retail, e-commerce, and consumer goods, the ROI is even more impressive, standing at $45. These figures demonstrate that email marketing outperforms other channels by a significant margin, with SEO and keyword ads producing comparatively lower returns of $22.24 and $17, respectively.

Email marketing is the preferred channel for communications

Given its wide reach at a low cost, it’s no wonder that email marketing ranks among the top choices for content distribution among marketers. About 69 percent of marketers utilize email marketing for content distribution, ranking it as the third most popular channel after a company’s website and blog. Moreover, the Constant Contact Small Business Now report highlights that 55 percent of consumers who wish to stay updated with businesses they support prefer email over other communication methods like text messaging and social platforms.

Part of the reason why customers may prefer email communications it is easy to segment customers according to preferences, behaviors, and characteristics and personalize email accordingly. Personalization allows you to connect with your audience on a more emotional level, increasing their likelihood of engaging with your content and taking action.

Enhance your email campaign with online proofing

Ensuring error-free emails is crucial for maintaining your brand’s integrity and fostering customer trust. Globally, 81% of consumers emphasize the need to trust the brands they engage with. However, meticulously reviewing every detail of an email can be challenging, especially for busy marketing and creative teams. This is where email marketing proofing comes in, saving you valuable time while guaranteeing flawless communication.

PageProof makes email proofing simple

PageProof is the only platform that lets you send a test email from any marketing system into an online proofing platform, creating a seamless review and approval experience. This world-first email proofing feature is available on all our plans, bringing delight to digital marketers who have struggled for years to get their email marketing content approved efficiently. Below, you’ll find several excellent benefits you can take advantage of.

Seamlessly integrates with your preferred email marketing tools

This seamless proofing experience works with hundreds of popular email marketing tools –Mailchimp, Emma, SalesForce, Sender, SendInBlue, and Ontraport, just to name a few. Best of all, no integration is needed to set up the email proofing capability.

Send test emails from all your favorite email marketing tools into PageProof seamlessly

Simple to set up

To send out a proof, simply send a test email from your email marketing tool to a unique PageProof email address. PageProof will send the HTML email proof out to your reviewers for their approval.

Smart online proofing tools for flawless email marketing

Reviewers can use the familiar red pen tool to leave markup directly on the email proof. They can also change their viewport to check the email’s responsiveness across different devices. Use gridlines to check the alignment of design elements. External links within the email’s content are automatically checked, and any broken links are brought to the reviewer’s attention.

Extended file type support for email proofing

Suppose your email marketing tool only allows sending a test email to a user rather than a specific email address. In that case, you’ll be excited to know PageProof has extended file type support to include .eml and .msg files. Simply save your email as one of these types, then drag and drop the file onto the file dropper to create a proof. It’s as easy as that!

Wrap Up

Email marketing remains a robust and indispensable channel. With its capacity to engage a broad audience easily and deliver a remarkable return on investment, it is the preferred solution for marketers. To further boost the effectiveness of email campaigns, email proofing tools such as PageProof offer an indispensable solution for ensuring flawless communication and upholding brand reputation. Its seamless integration with popular email marketing tools and smart proofing features streamlines the email review and approval process. With extended file type support, PageProof is a must-have for digital marketers aiming for efficiency and top-notch performance in email marketing. Harness the enduring potential of email marketing and enhance your campaigns through PageProof’s online proofing features. Book a demo below to see this in action!