Asana & PageProof native integration makes managing proofs simple

Asana & PageProof native integration: Wherever you work, so does PageProof with PageProof logo and Asana logos with line linking them

Welcome the native integration of Asana and PageProof 🙌 .

Asana is a popular project management tool to control, plan, and carry out everything from company objectives to digital transformation, product launches, and marketing campaigns.

It is easy to connect Asana with PageProof using our native integration – meaning your team can keep track of your proofs without leaving Asana.

Loosen your grip, whilst still holding the reins

If your team is using Asana to manage projects, with the PageProof app users can create proofs and reference them to a project in Asana as a new item. The item will then be automatically updated as the proof progresses through the different stages of its lifecycle. An ingeniously simple way to keep your team up to date with the progress of approvals.

To get started you need an account in Asana and an account in PageProof. Talk to an expert to discover more.

Wherever you work, so does PageProof.