PageProof & Airtable: Deliver creative campaigns faster

In today’s highly competitive market, successful brands recognize the importance of executing creative campaigns consistently, and at speed. This includes their brand assets of a variety of formats. Executing brands consistently has proven to boost revenue by up to 20%, as consumers expect a seamless brand experience across all touchpoints. To meet these expectations, brands rely on efficient management and organization of their digital assets and content through databases. In the past, creating and utilizing databases required coding skills and technical expertise. However, with the emergence of user-friendly tools like Airtable, creating and sharing databases have become more accessible to a broader audience. Teamed with PageProof’s powerful online proofing platform, brands are empowered to maintain brand consistency while delivering creative campaigns faster.

What is a database?

Databases are at the heart of every organization that uses large amounts of information – providing seamless storage, management, and retrieval of data. Different types of databases cater to the specific needs of various industries. Common examples include:

  • Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) stores data in relational tables comprising rows and columns, referred to as records and fields. They are widely used in modern organizations, IT systems, and various applications.
  • Object database management systems (ODBMSs) are based on object-oriented programming, representing entities as objects stored in memory. They are supported by popular programming languages like C++, Java, C#, Ruby, and Python.
  • NoSQL databases, also known as “not only SQL,” store data in non-tabular formats, offering flexibility and scalability for large datasets and high user loads. They come in different types including document, key-value, wide-column, and graph databases, each with its own data model.

Whether for supermarkets, e-commerce, technology, or education, databases are fundamental to enabling efficient data processing and driving the functionality of the many applications we rely on. If you’re a marketer, you’ve probably come across a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system. By leveraging the power of a database, DAMs allow organizations to store and access their rich media content in a cost-effective manner.

DAMs have a wide range of benefits

The power of Airtable

Airtable is a cutting-edge, low-code platform that combines the user-friendliness of spreadsheets with the power of a relational database. While both databases and spreadsheets store and organize data, databases are superior in managing and processing large datasets, and supporting multiple users. While spreadsheets offer a more user-friendly and intuitive interface for data manipulation.

With Airtable, users can effortlessly store their information in a visually appealing and user-friendly spreadsheet format, with the scalability and security of a database. Airtable allows you to:

  • Unite your data and workflows
  • Bring all the data you need into one place
  • Transform how product teams operate with AI

Given its flexibility and power, businesses leverage Airtable for various purposes such as customer relationship management (CRM), task management, project planning, and inventory tracking. It is also often used to build DAMs and track creative campaigns. It is perfect for marketing and creative teams.

PageProof & Airtable integration

The PageProof and Airtable integration offers a seamless solution for teams to optimize collaboration and maximize efficiency throughout their entire creative campaign process. All file types are supported. Some of the most popular formats include: artwork, video, websites, audio, HTML emails, and more.

Adding the PageProof extension to your Airtable base is a breeze. Once connected, you can create a dedicated proofs table in your Airtable base to track proofs, and also set up proofing information to flow through other tables in your base. The integration ensures that any changes or updates made to proof data are automatically synchronized with the corresponding columns in your tables.

A dedicated proofs table inside Airtable is easy to set up, and makes it simple to track proofs.

With PageProof and Airtable working together, you can create proofs directly from file attachments within Airtable in just a few clicks. Eliminating the need for manual transfers. You can view and manage your proof records in Airtable in a way that suits you, such as grid, Kanban, or calendar.

PageProof offers advanced online proofing features that streamline the collaboration and review process. Compare mode to spot differences between versions, ColorSep® enables the preview of color separation plates (perfect for packaging proofing), and even an automated barcode scanner. Customizable checklists and approval workflows optimize team communication.

PageProof has a range of powerful and innovative features.

Once a proof is approved, the final file can be automatically uploaded as a file attachment in Airtable. Providing a convenient way to organize and store approved assets. To enhance your workflow, you can also create a specialized Airtable interface view specifically designed for creating, viewing, and generating reports on proof records.

Deliver campaigns faster with PageProof & Airtable

Airtable is a robust data management platform, so you can run your essential business processes, such as global marketing campaigns and product development, with ease. PageProof centralizes the review and approval of creative campaigns with the added benefit of powerful features to speed up approvals and ensure work is pixel-perfect.

By leveraging the PageProof and Airtable integration, you can power-up creative workflows for marketing and creative teams. The streamlined workflow maximizes team efficiency and saves valuable time for everyone involved, with the added benefit of consistency and precision in every element of your creative projects. Start your free trial today and witness how this integration can help you deliver creative campaigns faster.